Final Fantasy XVI Guide: “Headwind” Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 16 Guide – Main Story Quest #12

Headwind opens with Clive and Cid climbing through a secret passageway into Caer Norvent. Your first task here is to Find the captives, so follow the linear path ahead into the dungeon. Interact with the door at the far end of the cells to open it and head deeper into this area.

Keep following the path ahead until you run into enemies. It’s worth noting at this point that the entire quest is chock full of little skirmishes with enemies, so be sure to use your Eikon abilities and the aforementioned Scarlet Cyclone after running into the middle of a flock of enemies as it’ll save you some time.

Fighting Through The Castle

After passing through several different areas, including a room with a window you’ll need to jump out of, you’ll find an area with two different paths – one heading to the left and the other across to the right.

Both paths lead to the same spot, so it really doesn’t matter which you choose. Either will lead you to the first mini miniboss of the area. It’s not a proper boss-fight per-se, but do make note of the abilities that the Royal Tognvaldr uses as you’ll be coming up against this guy a fair amount through the game’s run.

He’s not particularly difficult to beat but he does have a stun bar. These guys have the exact same move-set as the Midnight Raven boss earlier, but notably, they don’t use Futon or Assassinate. However, they do use Raiton and Katon. Just keep using your Eikon abilities until the Stun meter is nearly depleted then hit with some melee combos.

Once this is all done, head through the gate behind where you jumped into this large, open area. Before running up the stairs, move slightly to the left where you’ll find a chest holding the accessory The Favor of Fire (Scarlet Cyclone). This enhances the damage of this Eikon ability so it’s highly recommended that you equip this one.

Continue along the pathway, taking out waves of soldiers as you do. You’ll also be introduced to a new guarding mechanic that enemies will be using, so when you see this, be sure to smash them with an Eikon ability to stagger their guarding ability.

Keep progressing forward and head through the door at the end of the courtyard. Once here, head through the large gate inside the chapel for a big boss fight.

Boss Fight – Suparna and Chirada

Tips for beating: This fight is the next step up from the earlier Chirada fight in Lostwing. Here, you’ll be fighting off two enemies and they’re rather quick so keep your wits about you.

When the fight begins, both will be split up on the attacks they do, with Chirada focusing on melee attacks and Suparna keeping a distance and hitting with ranged attacks. Lock onto Chirada and focus on this one first. The ranged attacks are quite easy to dodge, and if you’re naturally moving away from Chirada’s melee anyway, it should just occur naturally.

Do be aware of Suparna’s beam attack here though, which he uses across the ground. It’ll come as waves so be sure to move across to an open spot.

Once you get one of the enemies (preferably Chirada) to mid-stagger, you’ll be granted a Cinematic Attack, which you need to deal with by hitting evade, then using the attack prompt. This will see both enemies staggered, but keep your focus on Chirada.

After the first stagger, Chirada and Suparna will start using a named attack called Perfect Storm. There will be points on the floor you need to avoid, but to make things more difficult, Chirada will also charge at you from around the room. This will happen a total of three times, so be sure to keep a lock on Chirada and be mindful of where you’re dodging to.

If you keep with this tactic and take out Chirada first, eventually the fight will switch to just Suparna. Regardless of who you slay first though, the other will start using Inheritance, which essentially absorbs the power of the other.

Until the end of the fight, this remaining fighter will start using powerful ranged and melee attacks, with a variation on that earlier Beam Attack now coming from both sides of the wall. Be sure you’re in the square between shots and pummel with your projectiles while this move is occurring.

Also be mindful of the fact they’ll be doing melee swings but there will be a total of 3 in a row as well, so if you’re attacking between, only use your Precision Counter on the third swipe. Eventually you’ll knock these two out and finish the fight.

2 Clouded Eye 35 Sharp Fang 30 Magicked Ash
30 EXP 45 Ability Points 1200 Gil

Chasing Benedikta

After this chapel fight, watch the cutscene before taking the stairs up. Across crossing the bridge go through the door ahead to find a chest holding The Favor of Fire (Heatwave) as an accessory. It’s another useful one to equip, especially with what’s coming up. There’s also a few potions here too, which you may need.

Follow the path up the stairs and then eventually the ladder to find more enemies waiting. Here, you’ll find new mages among the enemy ranks, which can cast cure on their comrades. Be sure to tackle these guys first during enemy encounters.

The rest of the section is pretty linear, and the final set of enemies before the next boss includes another Royal Tognvaldr too. Once they’re dealt with, prepare yourself as we’ve got a tough fight coming up.

Boss Fight – Benedikta

Tips for beating: Benedikta is a Dominant and a tough one at that. This is the first real test of your skills so be sure to use your potions as and when you need to. Toward the end of the fight, Torgal will return so be sure to use his healing powers too.

Phase 1

Benedikta will start the fight with ranged Aero variations and ranged attacks. She’ll use a few of these at once, so don’t charge after the first. Be sure to wait for an opening as you can be punished by blasting in kamikaze style. Benedikta also uses Wind Blade, which is a low horizontal attack that you’ll need to jump over.

Keep a distance when she’s using this though, as it can knock you off your feet if you’re hit.

After getting Benedikta low on health, a short scene will ensue where she Semi-primes. After a Cinematic Evasion sequence mid-battle, Benedikta will be back to full health, but this time she’s a lot stronger.

Benedikta will use a number of nasty Eikon abilities, including Nosedive. This will see her jumping into the air and dropping from above. Like the other diving moves, it’ll be orchestrated on the ground with a splash radius so be sure to dodge this.

She also has a tendency of flying around the battlefield, hitting you with ranged attacks, followed by a lunge. Keep circling in the same direction as her to avoid these, and hit with some projectiles too to chip away at her stun bar.

Once she’s back on the ground, Benedikta will do a set of 3 attacks, so wait until she’s finished attacking before getting in close to attack. She will also do some Aero attacks during this section too, again with 3 attacks in a row for each version.

Benedikta can also pummel you with Aero Rain, an ability that will see her circle outside the arena, shooting bolts in your direction. Just dodge out the way of these and eventually you’ll stagger her down.

Phase 2

After the first Stagger, Benedikta will perform another Cinematic attack that you’ll need to Evade. If you can follow up with a strike after, you’ll immediately Stagger her again, allowing for extra damage to be hit against her.

Unfortunately, Benedikta isn’t done just yet. She’ll also start using Tornado too. This sees a highlighted spot on the ground where Benedikta will summon a tornal and damage you if you’re inside.

There’s also a new two-part attack called Gathering Clouds, where she’ll suck in air toward her, followed by the Rammelfall attack we saw during the Cinematic. Avoid this by dodging to the side before she hits the ground. Benedikta will also use Aerial Slash, similar to Wind Blade, which sees 3 vertical slashes toward you, followed by those horizontal Wind Blade strikes.

Once she’s down to around 25% of her health, another cutscene will see Torgal rejoin you and two Strike prompts in a row… but we’re still not done yet!

Phase 3

The next phase of the fight will see Benedikta use the same attacks as before, but now with a powered-up version of Tornado, followed by a grab and some Slams in a single location.

The main new attack though is Deadly Embrace, a nasty move that will see her try to grab Clive and pull him toward her. Should she be successful, there’s a tiny window of time to dodge before she drops you head-first on the ground. If you’re unsuccessful, she’ll do a heavy damaging Twister that can’t be blocked or avoided.

If you’re not already, use Torgal’s Cure power here. It’ll help replenish some of your health and could be the difference between life and death.

1 The Will of Fire 50 Wyrit 2 Meteorite
60 EXP 150 Ability Points 2200 Gil

Once Benedikta is finally defeated, you’ll watch several cutscenes before earning your second Story-based trophy of the game, With Great Power.

The Dead of Night

Wings of Change

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