Final Fantasy XVI Guide: “The Dead of Night” Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 16 Guide – Main Story Quest #11

Dead of Night begins immediately after the last cutscene ended. Head straight back to Lostwing to find a person named Quinten.

Busywork in Lostwing

Getting close to him will start another cutscene. After, you’ll gain a Seal called “The Hanged Man”. Find the marked villagers and talk to them about what’s been happening. There’s two of them, and they’re quite closer together. Just follow the red marker and you’re unlikely to get lost.

After doing so, you’ll be prompted to follow the arrow to find Cid. Talk to him and then watch another cutscene.

Head into the inn and talk to Quinten. After, follow the marker to the southeast exit of town, Cutter’s Gate. This will be past the church in the previous chapter, you’ll head up some stairs and cross a bridge before heading toward our next area on the right, Norvent Valley.

Heading for Caer Norvent

Much like the other areas in this game, it’s a linear path and you’ll be able to pick up a few items along the way. There are a few small groups of enemies to deal with, coming in the form of soldiers.

As you move toward Caer Norvent, a cutscene will start. Once that’s done, you’ll automatically be returned to the world map, so hold down X to teleport over to┬áCaer Norvent to finish the quest.

Louder Than Words


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