Final Fantasy XVI Guide: “Wings of Change” Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 16 Guide – Main Story Quest #13

After defeating Benedikta and escaping Caer Norvent, Wings of Change will see you back in the open world area, just north of the castle. You now have access to your second Eikon, Garuda, which you can switch around in combat by hitting L2.

A New Power

These new abilities are great for quickly triggering stagger in enemies with stun bars, and that’s definitely how you should be using these techniques.

When you’re ready, head north and feel free to try out your new abilities on any new enemies you come across. Be sure to constantly switch your abilities between the two Eikon states, preferably during the animations for your abilities.

There some imperial soldiers and a wyvern blocking the path so be sure to use those aforementioned abilities to good use here. Once they’re taken care of, progress across the bridge where another cutscene will ensue. After this, you’ll have to deal with an incoming tornado coming your way.

Head For The Tornado

As you progress toward your objective, you’ll find yourself in a large field with a number of Wind-powered enemies. These are very similar to Chirada and they do give extra Experience and Ability points, should you want it. It’s not essential, and do note that there’s nothing all too significant item-wise here either.

When you get close to the Tornado, a new cutscene will ensue, before bringing up the World Map. You can either progress into the vortex, or head back to The Hideaway and stock up on items, it’s entirely up to you. Should you choose to progress into the Vortex, it’ll bring this quest to an end.



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