Final Fantasy XVI Guide: “Louder Than Words” Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 16 Guide – Main Story Quest #10

Orabelle Downs

Louder Than Words starts off this latest chapter with us arriving in Orabelle Downs. You’ll find your first Obelisk here, which essentially serves as a Fast Travel point. There’s also a few enemies dotted around this medium-sized area. The vineyard you end up in can be explored, with a few groups of enemies dotted around, including some soldiers just outside Lostwing. It’s advised to leave this though, given we’ll be returning here a few times during Side Quests and you can pick them up then.

For now, follow the red marker along the path, taking out any enemies that may be standing in your way. Keep walking forwards toward your marker and the screen will flash red, with the UI showing “Quest Destination Nearby”. This means that your destination is in your general vicinity, usually in the form of an NPC.


Move forward and a cutscene will begin. Now you’re in Lostwing, one of the towns within Final Fantasy 16. You’ll be tasked with looking around for enemies, and keep an eye out as there’s also an Obelisk in town too. Just step near it to activate it. You’re welcome to look around should you wish. Adventurers who do, you’ll find a chest holding 1 Black Blood just North near a well of water.

When you’re ready to continue, approach a child who is crying by a bunch of boxes in the middle of town. She says their parents are in church, so that’s where we’re heading. After a short cutscene, follow the soldiers up a linear path before another cutscene ensues. We now arrive at another boss fight.

Mini Boss Fight – Chirada

Tips for beating: Chirada isn’t particularly difficult to beat, especially if you use your Eikon abilities wisely. When Chirada is about to attack, one of their limbs will be highlighted in green before attacking. They’ll either slam a leg down or slash around themselves. Either way, it has the same timing and should be easy to dodge.

All of the melee attacks they will do are prefaced by one of their limbs being highlighted in green, followed by them performing the attack. They will either slam a leg downward or perform slashes around themselves. They generally have the same timing, so just watch when the windup starts. Chirada does also enact a lunge or a circular spin, the latter can knock you down so be sure to keep your distance for this one.

Once Chirada hits less than 50% health, they also gain a new ranged ground attack, where green lights will appear on the ground. Dodge these spots and keep chipping away at Chirada’s health.

1 Cleric’s Medallion 10 Wyrrite 15 Sharp Fang
10 Magicked Ash 15 EXP 30 Ability Points
600 Gil  

When Chirada is defeated, you’ll get another cutscene, bringing this chapter to an end.

Fanning Embers

The Dead of Night

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