Farzar – Season 1 Episode 3 “Save the Reaper Demons” Recap & Review

‘Save the Reaper Demons’

In a clear nod to the world of dinosaurs, we see the theme of episode 3 of Farzar: Reaper Demons. These creatures are deadly, vicious, and smart creatures that feed on flesh and destroy planets. We see a facetious advertisement of an appeal to “save” these almost extinct creatures on television.

Renzo, who sees it on a device, is also riled by the campaign. He decides to call the person who started it. And surprise, surprise, it is his own fail-son Fichael. Renzo then describes how in a “modestly heroic” way he battled off the Reapers in a battle on Farzar years ago. But despite his claimed victory, he is still scared of them.

Fichael reveals that he has built a sanctuary for them to preserve their species. Bazarack tries to booze off his disappointment at failing to capitalize on the dome going down and failing to take the city.

Clitaris urges him to ride his Scorpion Tank in the military parade, which slightly cheers him up. But he loses his driving license when he thrashes the tank into a shop. Bazarack goes to the DMV to get a new license but has to pass a driver’s test.

Meanwhile, Fichael takes Renzo – and the entire SHAT Squad – to the sanctuary. Just like in Jurassic Park, we see the establishment built and the creature escaped through the walls to pose a danger to everyone there. Scootie is the only one who can’t die because he is “backed up in the cloud”.

Renzo, though, has a secret weapon to fight off the Reaper: Squiggles, a 4-footer midget capable of beating anybody if he is riled up enough. But Billy poses a danger to the group as he is 1% Reaper and the creature can smell him. Scared, he runs off into the darkness. Renzo and the group feels they have evaded the monster as they are in a room where no one can get in. But the monster was walking with them all along in the mascot suit.

Bazarack’s assessing officer is hardly pleased with his skills. He miserably fails the test. His only hope of redemption is to beat Trondo, the obnoxious alien who is sleeping with the officer’s wife.

Although he loses the race, Bazarack uses the time machine feature of his Tank and kills a baby Trondo. Ultimately, he still doesn’t get his license as he once again clatters into the same shop and kills the officer. He now has to take off his parade on a bicycle and a clearly subdued manner.

At the sanctuary, the monster chases the group around. Scootie discovers he isn’t backed up yet and due to poor connectivity, cannot do it on the spot. To beat the tension, he takes a handful of snarts to have a trip. In his fantasy, he imagines the group singing jingles with the monster and it chasing them through the sanctuary. But in a non-threatening way.

When we switch back to reality, we see the monster tricking the group members one by one into a lure. Fichael is the only one who can outrun it but Reaper catches up. Billy comes out of nowhere and saves the day. With the monster at his mercy, Fichael lets it go when it sings a sad song for Fichael.

In the final scene, we see the monster has now reached Bazarfack’s caves and is about to kill him when Squiggles emerges from its stomach and kills it. He ain’t nothing to mess around with!

The Episode Review

Episode three is a huge improvement over the previous two episodes. The obvious reference to the Jurassic Park franchise made for a compelling central story.

Farzar made full use of the single-setting chaos that the chase brought. Scootie sniffing snarts in the middle was the highlight of the episode. It showcased the imagination and talent that the writers have. Bazarck’s frivolous adventures continued with a subplot about the DMV.

Tools like time traveling enhanced the possibilities that could have been realized to conclude the subplot. But the icing on the cake was “Squiggles”. Seeing him emerge in the final moments was a joy to behold. He is the reason this episode carried the good momentum through the runtime. Extra marks for the little fella!

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