Farzar – Season 1 Episode 4 “St. Pudchuggers Day” Recap & Review

‘St. Pudchuggers Day’

February the 13th is celebrated as St. Pudchuggers Day in Farzar episode 4. It is the alien equivalent of Valentine’s Day.

Flammy’s raunchy itinerary for Renzo for the day scares him. When no one’s looking, he goes through a secret door into the dungeons below. In the end, he reaches a “sex clone”, whom he instructs to go as him to Flammy. But a chandelier falls on him and he is killed, leaving Renzo to find another option to avoid Flammy’s torturous plan.

Fichael wants to ask Val on a date on the day. Scootie agrees to help him. Zobo’s penchant for chaos sees Fichael propose to Val with his head stuck in a toilet seat.

Val still agrees but Mal plans to ruin their blossoming romance. Billy is fed up with Zobo and is determined to prove he is a chaos-celot.

The narration then takes us to the date between Val and Fichael, which despite going absolutely terribly, brings the two closer. Billy goes to Bazarck for help, who agrees to help him. Renzo goes to Barry to help him make a new clone before 8 pm. Renzo takes it upon himself to make one when Barry says it will take months to grow a new one. He is able to do so but another chandelier kills the new clone.

Mal, with the Joker’s smile on her face, executes her plan by asking Fichael to grow another head. Barry helps him to do so. But Val is less than impressed with him. Bazarack takes Billy to the spaceship where Zobo came from. Zarno-S900 is the name of the planet where Zobo came from.

A video showing what he did shocks both of them and proves Zobo’s identity. Mal then asks Fichael to grow several more heads to impress Val, which Fichael does. But Val rejects him and walks away dejected. Renzo tries to audition actors to replace him but fails. Val realizes that Mal has done this with all her previous boyfriends and prevented anyone from coming close to her.

All the heads that Barry has grown on Fichael’s body are criminals whom Renzo sentenced to death. Now, they do not want to leave Ficchael’s body and want to take revenge on Renzo. Mal decides to help Fichael and Val get back together.

As the heads are about to kill Renzo, Mal bursts in and kills them all. Renzo jumps off the window to prevent Flammy from doing all “that” to him. But the queen passes a decree to postpone the day to tomorrow, where she gets her way with Renzo in the hospital.

Bazarack tricks Zobo into the “kill cube”, but tells Billy otherwise. Billy does not want Zobo to get hurt but only wants him to learn a lesson. He instead frees Zobo and goes inside. That box is actually the “chill cube”, so Billy is safe. Zobo promises to control himself. Bazarack wonders who got the “kill cube” instead, and the answer is Scootie.

The Episode Review

The silly tone and complete awareness of the self have started to be fruitful for Farzar. They have taken an aspect of modern pop culture to carve out crazy storylines completely devoid of sense or heart. But one thing that is always there is the humor.

We get some of the funniest lines in the show until now. St. Valentine’s day has become St. Pudchuggers Day and is celebrated a day before the former. Love truly is infectious this time of the year, with Renzo being a notable exception. His clone storyline was the best of the lot. Deep-seated issues of obsession and protection between Val and Mal are brought to the surface in this episode.

Val’s blossoming relationship with Fichael can be the start of a good thing that potentially carries a coming-of-age dynamic. It is preposterous to imagine Farzar being serious about anything but this could be a shocking exception.

In the midst of it all, we also learn Zobo’s true identity, which will be a lethal weapon for the humans if there is a war between them and the aliens. He is truly the fiercest creature on the planet. The facetious nature of his appearance has been duping us until now. His example is just another brick into the notion that Farzar can surprise you with anything. The writers will go to unimaginable lengths in order to make their narratives conveniently blasé.

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