Farzar – Season 1 Episode 2 “Robot Revolution” Recap & Review

‘Robot Revolution’

The seeds for this chapter of Farzar were sown in the last scene of episode 1. Scootie was proud and elated at not having lost his final human part – his “ding-dong” – but as fate is so often hard on you, he does when the dome closes.

Episode 2 of Farzar begins with Barry trying to save it. He isn’t able to and Scootie is finally a robot. Renzo is very proud of Fichael for bringing him Bazarack’s head. It is displayed on the wall like a souvenir from a trip. Fichael tries to talk to Renzo about his treatment of the aliens but Renzo quickly creates a diversion by putting Fichael in charge of the BS meter.

It is indeed a big honor. The prince’s job is to keep the BS meter below the “oh hell no” level. Through a wormhole, we see Bazarack’s new head going through puberty. He talks to Fichael about his betrayal. He also notices Zobo, the cute-looking creature Fichael saved in the last episode. It is actually a “chaos-celot”, an organism that feeds on Chaos and leaves death and destruction in its path.

Clitaris prevents Bazarack from saying any further, hoping that Zobo wreaks havoc on the human city. Scootie’s big “ding-dong” is a technical marvel. Denise “Death Wish” dares to take on the challenge to ride take on his “ding-dong”. But, she is not successful. Because Scootie has lost his final human part, he loses his human rights and is thrown into the robot district, a rough neighborhood. Scottie plans to get back to the human city.

He wears a disguise of Renzo’s head to get in. Fichael solves his problem. And creates him a new one. He makes him his personal robot and does things no sane man or robot would do with his free will. Scootie is tired of the treatment robots are being meted out by the humans. A revolution on the cards? Yup!

A strike throws the palace into chaos. The BS meter has gone beyond the safe limits. The protective dome is down as it is powered by robots. Brazack orders a bunch of stuff to parade the historical moment of him entering the human city. Can the revolution be quelled by then?

Fichael is sent to quell the rebellion and leaves Zobo with Billy. Zobo, it turns out, has been faking his innocent persona and affection for Fichael. He scores a wallet and takes Billy to a strip club. Fichael agrees to ALL the demands of the robots to end the strike, much to Renzo’s chagrin. Bazarack’s preparations are going haywire. He isn’t happy with the different animals brought in for his parade.

Clitaris, though, makes him proud by bringing a musical squid from planet HR13. Over a thousand years, he altered the evolution of squids to train them. Rock and roll squids! Bazarack rejects them in a minute. Zobo ushers in the Chaos at the strip club and relishes it.

Fichael betrays Scootie to win his father’s approval. He kidnaps him to end the revolution. Scootie is sentenced to death. Just as he is cut through the guillotine, Scootie realizes he has a taint. Renzo discovers he has a taint and is 1% human. That’s why he is able to live. And he abandons the movement and gets his rights back. By the time Bazarack’s parade arrives, the dome comes back up. But it ends in disaster.

One of the men in the parade clicks Bazarack’s photo and sells it in the palace’s court. Renzo is angry and loses all his respect for Fichael. It is revealed at the end that Sal, the underdeveloped brother of Val/Mal, whom they cut loose earlier in the episode, was the “taint” that save Scootie.

The Episode Review

‘Farzar’s second episode had as many dated laughs as the first one. The storyline continues to progress with a fascinating subplot in between. You probably wouldn’t have guessed robots revolting quite like this.

Scootie’s marquee plan put the entire city in jeopardy, but sass queen Bazarack could not capitalize. Zobo turned out to be a dangerous creature, which was something that was indicated in the last episode as well.

Fichael’s destiny continues to elude him as the “evil” that he has to rid the planet of isn’t quite manifesting yet. It would be a miracle if he ever finds it, given how the show proceeds. For now, the humor is a mixed bag with the proportion of cringe writing dominating the good parts and that has an impact on the experience overall.

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