Family Guy – Season 21 Episode 8 “Get Stewie” Recap & Review

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Get Stewie

Episode 8 of Family Guy season 21 starts with Tom Tucker delivering reports about former kid show star, Mary Elizabeth Becca Ryan, who is releasing her debut single weirdly named Face Chair.

Stewie, who has followed the show since his strange childhood of 20 years, is obsessed with MEBR (pronounced mee-bur like Bieber). Yes, that’s what he calls her. When Brian questions Stewie that he has never heard Stewie talk about MEBR, Stewie shows him a tattoo of her name on his lower belly.

At the dining table, Chris asks Peter if he would play throw and catch with him. Peter gets up, but can’t go out due to his excessive weight. As a solution, he calls a robot from Boston Dynamics to play with Chris. Stewie is crazy about MEBR. He is enjoying her music, dancing to her beats and whatnot. Brian interrupts Stewie saying MEBR’s songs have dirty meanings. Poor Stewie misunderstands the obviously flawed lyrics for a song that has to do with the unboxing.

Brian tells Stewie that MEBR has become his rulebook. Stewie justifies his blind dedication to MEBR by stating that she has 60M followers on Instagram, and Brian is not even close. He informs Brian that MEBR is having a concert in Quahog. The two leave for the concert. And of course, Stewie exploited Brian’s dog traits to get him to join.

At the hospital, Lois asks Dr Hartman if there is an easy way to get Peter in shape. Dr Hartman suggests something called Lap Band surgery – which Peter agrees to have.

As he comes out of the room, he looks shredded and fit, but there is a catch. All the extra fat has melted into dangling skin – which Peter carries like a dress.

During the concert, Stewie sends a tweet filled with great intentions. Still, somehow, MEBR misunderstands it and calls Stewie a bully on stage. Stewie’s Twitter account is blocked. MEBR’s fans take the issue to the whole another level.

To reach out to people, Stewie uploads a video of him singing Mr Bombastic. At his preschool, nobody wants to play with Stewie. Highly disturbed, Stewie is ready to leave for a peaceful vacation with Rupert. Stewie’s toy car is bombed and Rupert is killed. Stewie is heartbroken. He tells Brian that MEBR didn’t say or do anything to control her fans.

In Stewie’s room, Brian finds pictures of MEBR tacked on boards and circled – suggesting that Stewie has gone to kill her. At the science fair, Chris is missing the presence of his father when he sees other fathers assisting their kids. He has to do a demonstration of Benjamin Franklin’s experiment with electricity. Just when he needed him the most, Peter emerges and tells Chris that he will be his kite for the science demonstration. Chris flies Peter as a kite. The lightning strikes Peter up in the sky, and he gets back to his old shape. The demonstration is successful, and Chris wins the first prize.

Brian confronts Stewie at the spot of MEBR’s upcoming concert. Stewie tells Brian that he wasn’t going to kill MEBR, instead, he is just there to make her realize that she was at fault. But, Stewie’s genuine efforts and a heartfelt speech don’t result in anything. Brian makes Stewie understand that he is a good kid, and shouldn’t worry. Brian gives Stewie his Rupert back, and the little man is complete again. At home, Peter is again unable to get up due to his weight. Chris tells Peter that the robot he got has been spending a lot of time with Lois.

The Episode Review

We might say we have seen something strikingly similar happening with Brian, but the way the message has been delivered is quite different.

Stewie-Brian duo is once again pleasant to watch. However, the Peter part of the plot disappoints entirely. Nevertheless, there is a lot to praise – from the dialogue to the animation. You should watch this one because there are a couple of special scenes!

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