Family Guy – Season 21 Episode 7 “The Stewaway” Recap & Review

Family Guy

“The Stewaway”

Peter and Lois are at a fundraiser with Stewie. Lois shows Bonnie’s Instagram post to Peter which he likes immediately, leading to Bonnie setting the new Instagram record for Spooner Street. Stewie is introduced to the game of hide-and-seek – something that the introducer presents as a brand-new idea that’s completely unheard of.

Stewie immediately falls in love with the concept. Lois urges Peter to pay all the money he has taped on his tummy ($600) for a Vermont getaway. The auctioneer reveals they could get it for $40 since nobody else joined the bidding. Lois’ effort is just to shatter Bonnie’s Instagram record. Peter and Lois leave for Vermont the next day.

Stewie is exploring new possibilities in hide-and-seek with Brian. Though uninterested, Brian agrees to play with Stewie. The little guy who is clearly overexcited hides in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator. Brian takes him out of there.

In Vermont, Lois is finding ways to set a new record. Obsessed with H ’n’ S (Stewie’s term for hide and seek), Stewie requests Brian for one more game. Stewie hides in Quagmire’s bag which he has packed for Paris. On the flight, Quagmire is shocked to find Stewie nestled inside his bag. He calls Lois to get Stewie back. Lois isn’t willing to leave Vermont because of her insane Instagram pledge. She requests Quagmire to take care of Stewie. Peter orders Quagmire to call him Mr Griffin as he considers him to be his babysitter due to the Stewie situation.

In the hotel room, Quagmire surprisingly has a swell time with Stewie. They spend a lot of time together, dance together, and even visit museums. While getting a shot for her Instagram, Lois falls off a cliff – all thanks to Peter.

Quagmire and Stewie who are drunk board a metro. Stewie gets off the train pursuing a little girl. Quagmire is taken aback when he finds Stewie is missing. Upon getting no clues about Stewie’s whereabouts, Quagmire calls Brian to help him. However, Brian has a few demands: First class flight, only women flight attendants, and a special Kibble ’n Bits meal.

Brian flies to Paris to find Stewie where Quagmire tells him that he misses Stewie. Soon after, they find Stewie in a cemetery. Brian concocts a story related to hide-and-seek to set Stewie at ease. The three leave for the hotel room happily.

In the hospital, Lois decides to take a break from Instagram. However, just as she checks out one of her posts from the hospital has gotten more likes than Bonnie, she calls it the best holiday ever.

The Episode Review

It’s an episode we never thought we would see. The majority of the story relies on the peculiar pairing of Stewie and Quagmire with an impressive cameo from Brian. Well, the pairing didn’t turn out half bad! By no means is it a laugh riot, but it surely is engaging and fun to watch. The Peter and Lois portion of the plot is a downer though.

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