Family Guy – Season 21 Episode 9 “Carny Knowledge” Recap & Review

Family Guy

Carny Knowledge

The Griffin family along with Joe are out at Quahog Fall Festival. As usual, Joe is cracking some lame jokes. Brian encounters a tattooed carny, Amber. After a brief conversation, he has sex with her. Peter and Chris participate in a “generation gap” game. Much to Lois’ disappointment, they finish last.

Back from the carnival, a drunk Brian tells Stewie that Amber is the most perfect girl (typical Brian). However, this time he is not serious about the relationship, he is just after sex. He tells Stewie that Amber will leave in three days when the carnival is over.

Lois confronts Peter about his lack of interest in Chris’ life. She sends him upstairs to try to bond with Chris. Surprisingly, Peter and Chris bond very well. But, their bond is based on nothing but their shared frustration with Lois.

The father-son duo set Stewie’s shoe on fire for fun. When Lois gets mad, they take the mickey out of her for her mother-typical methods. It’s movie night. According to the family tradition, as stated by Lois, she has the right to select the movie for the movie night. Peter suggests that he and Chris should decide everything because they form the majority in the house.

Under the banner of democracy, Peter and Chris take over the house. Brian is ready to break up with Amber. However, much to his chagrin, Amber calls it quits before he could utter a word. Brian’s ego is truly hurt.

Lois comes up with methods to break the alliance between Peter and Chris. Peter ends up having Mark Davis haircut due to that. Brian admits he feels inferior because he got dumped by a carny. He sets out to take revenge. His plan: Win Amber back, and then dump her.

Peter and Chris find out it was Lois who was attempting to push them apart. Brian goes back to Amber to fake an expression of love in the best possible way. Amber fails to realize Brian’s true intentions and accepts him as her lover. Brian knows he can break up now to regain his self-respect. Just as he begins his break-up speech, Amber’s gigantic, brutal-looking uncle pops up. He warns Brian of the painful consequences if he ever breaks Amber’s heart.

A conversation with Peter and Chris makes Lois realize she was wrong in trying to break them up. Peter, however, doesn’t forgive her until she gets a Mark Davis haircut just like him.

The Episode Review

Family Guy deliver an episode you will most probably like, with a decent story accompanied by detailed animation. After a long time, we have an episode where the entire Griffin family contributes with an impressive short cameo from Stewie and Meg. A cutaway or two would have been the cherry on the top but despite that, there’s enough to like here.

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