Family Guy – Season 21 Episode 11 “Love Story Guy” Recap & Review

Family Guy

Love Story Guy

The guys are at the Clam where Peter discloses Chris’ recent breakup with his first love. The news of Chris’ tough breakup kicks off a discussion on the topic of first love.

Quagmire recalls the time he was about to be married to a woman named Helen. He used to be a FedEx pilot back then. Unfortunately, just three days prior to his big day, the flight he was piloting crashed on an unchartered island. With only FedEx packages around, Quagmire was forced to find a way to survive. Four years later, he was still on the island managing to survive merely on the strength of his love for Helen.

One day, he decided he would go back to his love no matter the hurdles in the way. He built himself a raft and tried to row to an inhabited shore, however, a sea storm disrupted his journey. He was picked up by a cargo ship. Eventually, he reached home and went straight to meet Helen without wasting any time. Helen informed him that she can’t be with his since she got married. A sad Quagmire left the spot. Quagmire goes on to tell that he never missed Helen again after the inception of pornography.

Next, Joe recalls his experience of the first time he fell in love. He was a dance trainer at a camp where he caught a girl named Jennifer’s attention. Joe’s dance partner had to withdraw due to a condition with her jaw. Jennifer offered to fill in for her. After Jennifer’s father took her away, Joe started missing her. At a talent show, he asked Jennifer to dance with him despite her father’s disapproval. They impressed everyone in attendance with their dancing skill.

Finally, it’s Peter’s turn to tell the tale of his first love. According to Peter, it was love at first sight when he saw Meg Ryan pout in When Harry Met Sally. Peter’s love for Meg is so real that he follows her into the theatre screen. He follows her through different movies from Sleepless in Seattle to You’ve Got Mail to In the Cut. Well, as it turned out, Peter was never with Meg Ryan, in fact, he fell asleep in the theatre and was dreaming all along.

Cleveland who hasn’t got a chance to tell his story yet gets a message from Donna enquiring if he’s had his turn. He requests the guys to fake a round of laughter so Donna thinks he was given an opportunity to speak.

The Episode Review

Quite simply, the latest episode of Family Guy is below average. The plot, powered by a bunch of stale parodies,  features nothing to make you even chuckle. The Quagmire bit might have been watchable, but the rest of it deserves nothing more than a skip. Unfortunately, this is the weakest chapter of the entire season.

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  • (1.5)

4 thoughts on “Family Guy – Season 21 Episode 11 “Love Story Guy” Recap & Review”

  1. Agreed: a very weak episode. The Cleveland part was the best. BTW, while I was against the voice acting change, I don’t even notice it now. Did they revert back to the old Cleveland voice actor, or is the current actor better emulating the old voice?

    I got hung up on Quagmire using the giant boxes (made of PAPER which sinks/disintegrates when wet), when he could have tied the springs from the giant snakes together. But of course it’s not supposed to make sense, but still, that feels like an oversight rather than a creative choice.

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