Family Guy – Season 21 Episode 10 “The Candidate” Recap & Review

Family Guy

The Candidate

Peter along with his friends comes across a bird scooter. After Joe creates a somewhat interesting song about the same, the guys decide to set off on a trip aboard a scooter in episode 10 of Family Guy season 21. Yes, four adults on one weak scooter. They go to a number of places, including the Washington Monument before careening off the road and crashing into a river. Mayor West arrives just in time to save the group from a bloodthirsty yet modest alligator.

After they return, the crowd cheers for Mayor West. The massive applause for Mayor West motivates Stewie to want to be Mayor in future. Doug, who is distributing flyers, informs Stewie that he is running for the class Snack Captain. Since it might be the first step towards being a full-blown politician, Stewie decides to run for the title against Doug.

Stewie makes Brian his campaign manager – defining a bunch of weird duties. It’s not long before the pre-election mayhem ensues. Both Doug and Stewie are bent on humiliating each other. Later, Chris also joins Stewie’s election campaign. However, Chris changes his party just a day before the election.

During a debate, Doug makes a staggering revelation that Stewie was born due to a mistake since there is a huge age difference between Stewie and his siblings. Much to Stewie’s irritation, Brian supports Doug’s theory. It is later revealed that Chris was the one who leaked the information.

Trying to make up for his wrongdoing, Chris takes Stewie to his secret porn library – where he gives him a sex tape of Peter and Lois from the day Stewie was conceived. The tape shows Lois wanted a kid, but the same wasn’t true for Peter. Stewie is happy as he feels he is just half a mistake (makes sense).

Stewie wins the election since most of the kids in the class can relate to him. He later tells Brian that Doug died in a commuter plane crash. Did he have a role to play in Doug’s death?

The Episode Review

The latest Family Guy episode features more political satire than comedy. The script takes a jab at politicians who start acting like kids in the days leading up to the election. Whatever, it’s an episode you should watch if you like Stewie in action. It’s funny, but a couple of jokes feel irrelevant and disconnected. All in all, it manages to keep us hooked until the election results are revealed.

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