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The Stalker

Episode 9 of Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol begins with Ra-Ra and Joon looking over the beautiful twinkling skyline of the seaside town below. There, they discuss all those moments the pair have shared together in the season so far.

Specifically, they reminisce over the moments Joon has seen her at her worst and become Ra-Ra’s lucky charm. She thanks him for liking her and he promises not to let go – holding her hand to solidify this claim.

Back at Lala Land, the pair notice dirt all over the ground and believe Mimi is the culprit. Although she does her best to talk to them about the intruder, the dog winds up frustrated by the pair. Still, Mimi listens happily as the pair play the piano together.

Outside, Min-Woo happens to be listening to them playing together. He phones Joon’s Mum, who tries in vain to sneak out and answer the call but Woo-Myung is still awake and asks who’s ringing. Turning the phone off, Min-Woo curses his luck.

However, he looks up and notices a strange man standing outside Lala Land. That man happens to be Joong-Ho whom Min-Woo chases down the streets… until he’s blindsided and knocked out.

After snatching up his gear, Joong-Ho scarpers while Sook-Kyeong shows up and finds Min-Woo on the floor. Quickly calling an ambulance, Joong-Ho meanwhile receives a call from Joon-‘s Mum but remains silent while listening to what she has to say about finding Joon. Managing to hack into his phone, Joong-Ho notices a picture of him, realizing the boy is wanted.

Meanwhile, Ra-Ra and Joon head off to the dock and decide to treat Mr Kim to some heart-shaped sushi. While they eat, we take a trip down memory lane as Ra-Ra and Joon play out the roles of Kim and his wife. When Ra-Ra heads off to pick something up in the present, Joon admits to the old man that he hasn’t told the truth yet. Kim gives him some solid advice though.

Woo-Myung begins to grow suspicious of what’s happening with Joon. He questions one of his workers, a guy who happens to be Joon’s driver. He’s currently being paid off by Yoon-Sil to keep quiet. He reminds the worker that he’s the one paying his bills, rattling the businessman who stays firm for now.

The divorced ladies all contemplate just what happened to Min-Woo. While they do, Joong-Ho shows up outside with flowers for Ra-Ra. The same flowers that appeared outside Sook-Kyeong’s house. Realizing that he’s the one who’s been stalking her, things turn tense when Ra-Ra rejects his advances. Instead, Joong-Ho throws the flowers away after Ra-Ra rejects his advances.

Joong-Ho instead shows up at Joon’s work where he realizes exactly who this man is. Joon races straight up to Lala Land to check on Ra-Ra, acting protective over her and offering to drive her home.

Seung-Ki heads out with Ha-Young and realizes that she’s starting to grow quite fond of Ra-Ra. As she stands up and walks away, she slips on the pathway leading Seung-Ki to do his best to patch her up. He’s incredibly gentle and even gives her a piggyback ride home.

It’s obvious there’s feelings brewing here and in the morning, Ha-Young heads into Ra-Ra’s room to help get her patched up. Ha-Young hilariously goes over the top with the make-up though and gives the girl big pigtails too.

This look is the talk of the divorced ladies who soon change their tune when they hear little Jae-Min’s incredible talent. They all decide to become his impromptu fan-club, complete with plans to buy him a suit and fix his hair up.

Meanwhile, Yoon-Sil realizes just who Ra-Ra is, having heard her originally from her final piano recital. As Yoon-Sil starts piecing everything together, she realizes that Joon has known Ra-Ra all this time.

In the morning, Joong-Ho finds Jae-Min outside and tries to take him away. Grabbing his arm, he yanks the young boy and sprains his arm. Jae-Min clutches his forearm, just as Joong-Ho slithers away into the shadows. God, this guy is horrible.

Anyway, Ra-Ra shows up and takes Jae-Min to his piano competition. Unfortunately Jae-Min isn’t able to raise his arm and Eun-Seok notices this too, expressing concern of his own.

As Jae-Min starts sobbing, Ra-Ra takes cues from her Father and stands up clapping and applauding him for a job well done. Everyone else in his fan-club follows cue until Jae-Min is patched up in the clinic afterwards.

It turns out he’s sprained his arm and was worried Ra-Ra would hate him if he couldn’t play. She quickly dispels that myth though and allows Jae-Min to join the whole Eunpo family to eat food.

It’s beautiful and a touching moment, one that sees all our characters together and enjoying each other’s companies. Ra-Ra heads to the bathroom but there she receives a message asking to head outside. Only, when she doesn’t turn up Joon becomes concerned.

Eun-Seok takes Jae-Min home and learns the truth about what happened with his arm. As he drives off, Ha-Young rings and calls him back. Ra-Ra has gone missing. Even worse, her phone is left outside in the car park.

Following the clues left behind (including when he tailed the stalker earlier in the series), Joon finds Joong-Ho’s address and the shrine up on the wall with all of Ra-Ra’s details – including her student ID card too.

As we cut across to Joong-Ho’s car, he looks in his wing mirror and smirks.

During the epilogue, we’re back in Spring 2019 with Ra-Ra. There, she bumped into Joong-Ho who immediately takes an interest in her. Her purse fell out her bag but instead of returning it, Joong-Ho took this home. There, he found all of Ra-Ra’s details, including that student ID card.

The Episode Review

As the plot thickens, this drama starts to drift into darker territory as Joong-Ho’s menacing truth is revealed and the Eunpo residents start to fear the worst for her.

This tonal shift from comedy to dark drama actually works really well and it’s nicely handled right the way through this episode.

That’s to say nothing of the characters either, with Ha-Young and Seung-Ki starting their romance while Eun-Seok and Sook-Kyeong look likely to pair up as well.

So far this drama has done well to keep things interesting and the cliffhanger ending will almost certainly leave you itching to come back for more!


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