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We begin Episode 10 of Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol moments before Ra-Ra’s kidnapping. She speaks to Joon about her past and how she’s akin to a resilient weed. She regrets not eve being able to tell her Father she loves him, especially when he rang on her wedding day.

Joon tries to reassure her though, telling her they should go to Jeju Island together given he has a story to tell her. This appears to be the truth about his family. He hands over a slip and asks to meet the following day.

Out in the parking lot, Joong-Ho kidnaps Ra-Ra, knocking her out and bundling the girl into his car. This catches us up to the moments from yesterday as Joon uncovers the stalker’s lair. He also finds Good & Good gear inside too; that strange cult-like place he previously thought about getting a job. Believing this may be a crucial clue, he gets in his car and races off.

Ra-Ra awakens to find herself tied up to a chair and face to face with Joong-Ho. He tells her they’re meant to be together and mentions the first moment they saw each other.

He’s convinced that Ra-Ras moved to Eunpo for him and now that she’s dating someone else, should be punished for it.

Joon uncovers the riddle and races upstairs at the Good&Good headquarters where he finds Joong-Ho. Ra-Ra is passed out on the floor after tipping her chair over and succumbing to a kick from Joong-Ho. Joon is enraged and knocks the man down. As he does, Joong-Ho’s head cracks against a table and he lies motionless on the floor.

The rest of the residents gather at Lala Land, worried about Ra-Ra. Eun-Seok briefs the team and mentions about Ra-Ra’s various students, which inevitably gets them thinking about Joong-Ho and how it could be him. Checking the dashcam footage, it seems to match up to who’s taken him and they decide to ring the police.

Just before they do, a sobbing Joon rings Mr Kim and tells him Joong-Ho may well be dead. The police take him away in handcuffs while Ra-Ra is taken to the hospital.

Joon is uncooperative with the police, eventually leading them to take him outside the office to run a fingerprint scan. The detective is sure they’re seen his face before – which eventually leads them to realize he’s the missing son from the lady in Seoul.

Having cracked the case, the Detective throws his fists in the air as Joon prepares for the inevitable family reunion.

Min-Soo wakes up in hospital to find Sook-Kyeong standing before him. He looks wide-eyed at her and requests his phone back. He needs to phone “her” (Joon’s Mum of course) but Sook-Kyeong wants a thank you first.

Yoon-Sil shows up at the police station and demands Joon return home given he’s a minor. He refuses though, becoming even more irate when he finds out she hid his defiance from his Father. This was Joon’s way of speaking up against his tyrannical rule and now that’s come to nothing.

Yoon-Sil arrives at the studio next and starts looking around. There, she finds Mimi sitting down watching her, which rattles the lady slightly.

From the room next door, she hears all the divorced ladies talking until they stand back in shock at the sight of Yoon-Sil bursting through the door. They encourage her to sit with them where thy discuss the heroics of Joon and what a great guy he is.

She agrees with them reluctantly, listening as the women gush over Joon’s kindness and caring nature. Eventually she snaps and calls Joon a lunatic, seething with anger in her seat.

Eventually this brings her to hospital where she finds Ra-Ra still unconscious. She accuses Ra-Ra of seducing her son, rasping to herself and handing over an envelope to the kids. She tells them to call her when Ra-Ra wakes up.

On her way past, she notices Min-Soo sitting in his hospital bed and Sook-Kyeong believes that he and Yoon-Sil are having an affair. After getting up to scratch on everything that’s happened, Yoon-Sil rings Min-Soo’s phone and gets through to the detectives currently buzzing around Joong-Ho’s apartment.

Ra-Ra wakes up and finally hears the truth about Joon from Min-Soo. She mentions how he’s the runaway son and a high school senior, sending her into a real tail-spin. Still dressed in her hospital gowns, she heads up to the police station where Joon’s parents have escorted Joon away.

On the way out the door, Mr Kim gives Joon some tofu but Yoon-Sil knocks it out his hands. Joon refuses to leave but he’s eventually forcefully removed by the security guards. When Ra-Ra realizes that Joon has been lying all this time, she breaks down outside the station and starts crying. Joon meanwhile manages to trick his Mum again and hides.

Back home, Eun-Seok greets Ra-Ra and invites her out for ice-cream. She admits that she’s not sure how she should feel and starts crying, telling him that everything is a mess. Eun-Seok tries to reassure her though and sticks up for Joon, believing he had a reason for not admitting the truth to her.

With everything looking like a mess, Ra-Ra wanders home while Joon phones through from Seung-Ki’s phone. He tells her he misses her and pleads with Ra-Ra to meet at the dock.

When Joon shows up to meet Ra-Ra, both his parents show up. Joon is bundled into the car before he gets a chance to explain himself or his feelings to Ra-Ra. She can only watch helplessly as Joon is taken away.

During the epilogue we cut back and see the fateful phone call that led everyone to the dock. Yoon-Sil happens to be there watching Ra-Ra and she was forced to reveal the location to her.

The Episode Review

As we reach the end of act 2 for this Korean drama, everything starts to come unraveled for our main characters. Eun-Seok, who I admit seemed pretty creepy early on, is actually becoming quite the likable guy, lending a sympathetic ear to Ra-Ra’s problems and respectfully staying back and giving her distance.

This allows for the romance to begin blossoming between Joon and Ra-Ra. Sadly that’s easier said than done though given the issues currently befalling Joon.

His past has caught up to him and poor Ra-Ra can only watch helplessly as Joon is taken back home. Will Joon run away again? I’d imagine he’ll stand up to his parents now and hopefully return to Eunpo sooner rather than later.

For now though, that cliffhanger ending leaves the door wide open for where this one may go next.


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3 thoughts on “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol – Episode 10 Recap & Review”

  1. I love this drama, especially how Joon & RaRa become depending on each other. It’s awkward the fact that he’s only 19 yrs old but he’s acting so mature. It’s all the little things that he did for her, like growing her vegetables and all the organic food that she used to eat. She plays the special song while waiting for him to come home. It’s so touching.

  2. Waiting for the next episode is the worst part about this drama. I love the characters and their development. There was no way RaRa was going to stray with him knowing he was a minor, I wonder how the writers will reunite them.

  3. I absolutely loved this show. Though the beginning is a bit boring it starts to get REALLY interesting near episode 6 or 5. Anyway, it’s a good laugh and a little romantic. I like it because it’s not too cheesy or too romantic. I like how they added comedy in there. I recommend it. But they really left me cliffhanging. I am really curious to see what is going to happen between Joon and Ra Ra.

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