Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol – Episode 8 Recap & Review

The Cable Car

Episode 8 of Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol begins with Eun-Seok finishing the movie with Ra-Ra and heading home. Just before they part ways, Ra-Ra rejects his advances and apologises if she offended him.

Smiling through his pain, he asks if she wants to go for ice cream instead. Just before they go, they’re interrupted by Joon showing up and telling Dr Cha to say goodnight to her.

Joon takes Ra-Ra back on his bike that evening to eat a warm salad. The next day though, Joon speaks to Seung-Ki about his predicament and how he believes Ra-Ra will reject him if she finds out the truth about his past.

Mr Kim finishes his piano lesson but Ra-Ra asks again about the significance of the song he’s learning. On his way out, he runs into one of the ladies from the salon who heads in ready to gossip.

Just before she does, she hands over a brand new health drink for them all to try. They all comment how good it tastes but the conversation soon turns to Mr Kim and how he’s talking on his phone a lot.

It turns out Joon gathered all the seniors together and taught them how to group chat online.

As we soon see, Mr Kim used to have the nickname Sister, given to him by his wife whom we see in a flashback living with dementia. It’s a pretty heartbreaking scene and one that reinforces exactly why he wants to learn this song.

Joon heads to the library and looks over a piano book full of sheet music for different songs. He even buys a CD with the maiden song for Mr Kim to listen to. As Joon heads home, he uses the piano sheet and starts practicing while Mimi watches on from afar.

Ra-Ra rings though and asks him for some face cream. He races over to her apartment and hands over the tub in record time. He admits he came over to see her and admits that he misses her. Before leaning in to kiss her, he changes his mind and struggles to tell her the truth about his past, shyly saying goodbye and leaving it at that.

At the studio, Ra-Ra mentions how her new client Jae-Min will need to take up more of her time. Joong-Ho is not happy though and tells her he doesn’t want her to get too busy.

On the way out he bumps into Jae-Min, who he realizes is a kid and walks away. Only, he’s being followed by someone. Whoever it is keeps a safe distance but Joong-Ho soon realizes and looks over his shoulder. However, there’s no one there.

Back at the hospital, Eun-Seok is distracted midway through taking his pills and starts choking when Ha-Young appears. While she sits at the desk, she asks exactly what the pills are he’s taking.

He brushes it off as vitamins as they get down to brass tacks. She wants him to continue pursuing Ra-Ra despite being rejected. As he recites a movie quote proving otherwise, Ha-Young eventually leaves.

After a night of karaoking, Seung-Ki tries to show how much he cares but she fails to see it. Instead, the pair head in to Lala Land and find a whiteboard full of notes.

Meanwhile, Joon and Ra-Ra bake cookies with Jae-Min, with the former left to wash up while the kid eats warm cookies and follows it up with cold milk, yum! It turns out Joon doesn’t like sweets. However, he’s left something in the oven for her – which happens to be a cake with the word Ra-Ra across.

Unfortunately it’s slightly burnt and she messages him about it, teasing him about his mediocre baking. Only, he replies with “my heart is burning with passion”, prompting them both to look at their phones in shock. Joon immediately feels silly and the pair pretend it didn’t happen.

As we soon see, Joon’s close friend was a big fan of Ra-Ra. This explains why Joon’s hesitant to tell her the truth. Back home, Joon’s Mother comes under fire as her husband believes she’s having an affair.

At the same time, Min-Soo continues to search around for Joon. He heads to the hospital and finds a vital clue in the form of Ra-Ra and Joon being there previously; the moment when they both had the car crash to be precise.

With this vital clue to go on, Min-Soo realizes Ra-Ra is at Lala Land and heads out to investigate. Joon’s Mum meets Ms Im and the two discuss how Ra-Ra is in Eun-Po and poor now. Young-Joo overhears though and decides to pay a visit.

Eun-Seok heads out to get his hair cut again at the beauty salon. Sook-Kyeon quickly messages her friends and lets them know. Together, they discuss Eun-Seok’s divorce with him instead. He left everything behind but this only fires up more gossiping between the girls.

As Eun-Seok leaves the salon, Young-Joo shows up and spies the women gushing over the Doctor outside. Sook-Kyeong notices Eun-Seok’s ex-wife and quickly scrambles to bring her into the beauty salon. Midway through though she overhears Ra-Ra’s piano lesson and she shows her the secret door. Only, Jae-Min is the one playing the piano as Ra-Ra is out.

While they wait for Ra-Ra, she happens to be out with Joon in a bid to convince Jae-Min’s father to let his son play the piano. Only, the way he convinces him is by saying that Ra-Ra is his wife and they own an academy together. This gets him a swift slap on the shoulder for his troubles.

Eventually the duo make it back to the studio where Joon starts playing a song for her on the piano. As he does, Ra-Ra thinks over all the fun moments they’ve spent together across the season so far. Afterward, tears stream down her face as she tells him it was an emotional piece.

The duo then finally head out for a date together. This brings them to a cable car overlooking the beautiful coastal town below. It’s a gorgeous sight and one that sees Joon admit the truth about how he feels.

She brings joy to his life and he thanks her for coming on the trip with him. He offers his hand and she takes it. Yay! As he leans forward, she lets him kiss her.

Unbeknownst to him though, Min-Soo has arrived at Lala Land and noticed that Joon’s picture is on the wall. Smiling, he realizes he’s closing in on him now.

During the epilogue, we see Ra-Ra’s final performance, which is then followed by Joon’s friend showing up and telling her that he’s her number 1 fan. As his picture is snapped, Joon happens to be the one taking it. Alas, the plot thickens!

The Episode Review

With a deeper romance and lots more comedy shining through, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol delivers another good episode this week. Min-Soo closes in on the group and there’s obviously more going on in Eun-Seok’s past too.

Although it was a little orchestrated, Eun-Seok being rejected so abruptly by Ra-Ra is a bit of a heartbreaking moment for him. I am starting to warm to the guy a little but there’s definitely still something suspicious with him.

Then again, the revelation that Joong-Ho is the stalker throws off the theory about Eun-Seok. He seems very jealous and possessive of Ra-Ra so it’ll be interesting to see exactly what his deal is going forward.

This episode does see Joon and Ra-Ra take the next step in their relationship which is great to see, leaving the door open for next week where secrets threaten to spill out.

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  1. do you know what is the title of music played while jun,rara and jaemin are in the play ground episode 8?? pleasee 31:15-33:44

  2. I want to know what is title of the soundtrack that is playing while Jun is confessing his feelings to the moment they kiss. I can’t find it.

  3. Hey Taddy, thanks for commenting. I wasn’t sure in truth whether that guy was Joon’s brother or friend. I’ve updated that in the recap so it should be accurate now – along with the revelation about Ra-Ra’s stalker. I’m not sure why but I thought it may have been a red herring with the real stalker still out there!

    -Greg W

  4. Just some corrections 😁 That was actually joons close friend, not his brother. The friend was just a fan of her, not meant to be wed to her and Joon’s hesitation was becuase of his age though. Also, Rara’s other student is really the stalker. 😊

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