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Secrets and Lies

Episode 6 of Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol begins with Joon rushing out for his piano lesson with Ra-Ra. While he hurries up to her place, Ra-Ra talks to Mimi about Joon’s cabbages planted in Lala Piano Land. She tells her dog it’s strictly off-limits to eat.

After fixing up his hair, Joon heads inside the studio where he learns that he and Ra-Ra are both the same age. Just before they kiss though… Ra-Ra lashes out and hits him in the face. The result of this sees Joon’s nose start bleeding. As they go their separate ways, Ra-Ra continues to think over what happened earlier in the day.

Hilariously, Joon leaves a note telling Ra-Ra not to become distracted and crack on with working. While she cleans, next door Sook-Kyeong can’t stop gawping at her customer, nicknamed “Mr Handsome.” She takes her time cutting his hair but unfortunately slips as Ra-Ra bursts through the makeshift door asking pointless questions. Oh no!

This then falls on Seung-Ki to fix the girls up something special to eat that evening. That something special though comes from simple ramen noodles. Meanwhile, outside a mysterious figure starts pouring super glue all over the door handle to the salon.

Eun-Seok continues to mull over what he learned last episode. Eventually this leads him to confront Joon while he’s working. Eun-Seok leaves his leather case on the tray; a reminder of exactly where the doctor recognizes him from. This is just the memory jog Joon needed as he finally realizes where he knows the man from.

That evening, Ra-Ra tries messaging Joon but struggles to get through to him. Instead she starts thinking the worst, believing Joon’s angry at her for not paying money back. “No, it can’t be that,” She reassures herself.

The next day Joon and Eun-Seok head out together where the latter admits everything. He’s seen Joon’s face at the hospital and knows about his past. As we see a flash across to the woman looking for Joon, it appears she’s Joon’s Mother and his Father knows nothing about their son’s disappearance.

Eun-Seok admits he’s going to phone Joon’s parents. Before he does though, he encourages Joon to admit everything to Ra-Ra, including the truth that he’s still a high school student.

Meanwhile, a new pupil arrives at LaLa Land and asks to learn lessons every day. He wants to start immediately but Ra-Ra has Mr Kim to teach first. Man-Bok shoots a disapproving glance at the youth as he leaves, but things are left open for now.

With no Joon in sight, Ra-Ra teaches Kim the basics of the different song notes while Sook-Kyeong nurses her super-glued hand next door.

Joon experiences flashes of the past as he celebrates his birthday without his parents. The only one he has for comfort is his friend Ji-Hun, who leave in the middle of the night. Only, as he does he’s hit by a truck and dies. It’s a shocking moment and one that’s haunted Joon all this time.

This is only made worse by Joon doing poorly on exams and receiving a swift slap to the face from his Father when he finds out. He implores Joon to focus on saving lives not dwelling on those lost. Unable to face this pressure any longer, Joon runs away

Joon’s Mother meanwhile returns to the police station and hands over an envelope of money. She doesn’t know where Joon is but tells the officers to treat themselves to something nice.

Joon, as it turns out, happens to be overlooking the whole city while he thinks over what to do. Ra-Ra shows up not long after and admits she’s been looking for him. Joon wants to be alone though, contemplating whether to leave and head back with his parents after all.

Ra-Ra finds “backpack boy” waiting outside the flower shop again and encourages him to stop and talk. His real name is Jae-Min and as they start conversing, she asks whether he wants to learn the piano. He’s incredibly talented too and she calls him a prodigy.

This boy has been watching for a while and comments how the welcoming song brings Joon inside… but only after he’s composed himself and fixed up his hair. After smashing a flowerpot, Joon unintentionally signals his arrival after hearing all of this. Joon promises not to leave… but mainly because he wants his money back from Ra-Ra.

Back home, Eun-Seok starts going through a plastic box full of his old belongings. Song sheets and awards hint at a successful past playing the piano. Only, his trip down memory lane is interrupted by Joon showing up at his door.

He sits with Eun-Seok and asks about his past. It turns out he was at Ra-Ra’s wedding as a guest on the groom’s side. Ra-Ra didn’t even know he was attending and Joon decides to use this as ammo to show Eun-Seok is also holding secrets.

This forms a sort of alliance between them as they decide against spilling each other’s secrets for now.

The next day Mimi plays the piano (she also has her own Asianwiki page as well believe it or not!) The whole gang is there too, with Eun-Seok arriving late and intending to take Ra-Ra out for dinner.

Joon and the rest of the group also decide to tag along. As they all sit together, they realize none of them have that much in common. Still, they decide to have ice-creams (all different flavors) before preparing for Ra-Ra’s big event meeting DoDoSolSolLaLaSol.

The big day arrives and everyone gets dressed up ready to meet this mystery man. Before we do, we cut back to Eunpo Terminal 2 months prior to see Man-Bok having a heart attack until Joon – or someone who’s presumably him – shows up to help nurse the man back to health.

With all of our big characters gathered up together, our mystery man eventually shows up… but we don’t see his face!

During an epilogue, Jae-Min sits outside Lala Land until Young-Joo shows up after hearing the piano. Only, Sook-Kyeong convinces her that there’s a ghost inside. Only, it’s actually just Mimi playing.

The Episode Review

The humour continues this week while we receive more information about Joon and Eun-Seok’s past. So far this drama has done a great job balancing the drama with outright humour, setting the stage up nicely for the episodes ahead.

The Mimi moments are great and alongside the various characters, the budding love triangle that’s growing is really starting to take shape now. Just who is this DoDo character? Is it someone we know already or a new player we’ve not seen yet? We’ll have to wait and see but this week’s cliffhanger makes the next episode a must-watch!

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