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Night and Dreams

Episode 5 of Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol begins with Joon pleading with Ra-Ra not to go, eventually composing himself to tell her not to say goodbye. When she leaves, he sits on the end of the bed thoughtfully.

Ra-Ra meanwhile heads home but has second thoughts when she reaches the seaside. Instead, she decides to head back where she spies Joon playing the guitar. While she leaves, Eun-Seok bemoans his luck, watching the rain fall lazily down his window pane while drinking coffee.

Ra-Ra falls asleep after her conversation about dreams with Joon. As she sleeps soundlessly, Joon admires her pretty face. When Ra-Ra awakens in the morning, Joon is nowhere to be found. However, she does find a tray full of food waiting for her, holding exactly what she asked for the previous night.

While Detective Kang looks into the dead body that washed up on shore, Sook-Kyeong and the other ladies in the salon start gossiping over what it could lead to.

They’re interrupted though by the arrival of delicious kimchi and some close-up shots of vegetable pancakes being cooked and fried. On a side note – this probably isn’t the best drama to watch if you’re hungry!

While they cook, the girls discuss Joon’s flustered demeanor asking about avocados and quinoa for Ra-Ra. The smell of these pancakes wafts across to Ra-Ra’s studio and she finds herself breaking the wall (she thought it was a door) in order to get a taste.

Just before eating though, she receives a call from the old man outside. He wants to learn to play the piano – specifically the piece she played for him the previous evening.

Given she needs to get the word out about the academy, she caves and lets him learn for free. It turns out though this guy is the landlord for the building. He gives her some sound advice and encourages Ra-Ra to be more direct if she wants to make a profit.

Eun-Seok shows up at Joon’s work asking if he feels better. He brushes it off though and tells him he was never ill to begin with. Just before he reveals why he’s there, Eun-Seok receives a call from a girl in his past called Yeong-Ju.

He meets her outside and they sit and discuss the past. Yeong-Ju encourages him to buy her dinner. Instead, he rejects her as he has a piano lesson.

Unbeknownst to him, Yeong-Ju follows from afar as Eun-Seok heads up to Lala Piano Land. Sook-Kyeong manages to find the woman lurking about outside and asks what she’s doing. It turns out she’s there for the beauty salon, which Sook-Kyeong immediately jumps on and starts fixing up.

Next door, Eun-Seok plays the piano beautifully but is labeled as Mr BSO (a show-off basically) by Ra-Ra. He treasures the nickname but she remains fixated on getting paid for her lessons. He agrees to do so but also on condition they go for dinner.

Ra-Ra agrees and ironically brings him along to Joon’s work. Now there’s four of them watching Joon work as his boss hilariously comments on the new fan club member. It turns out the Doctor was married in the past but is divorced now.

After work, Ha-Young plucks up the courage to tell Joon her true feelings. Thankfully Seung-Ki saves her from this, pulling Joon away in need of a bathroom buddy.

As they argue, Ra-Ra and Eun-Seok watch on. Sook-Kyeong meanwhile heads home and finds a bouquet of flowers waiting outside her door. She believes it’s for her but the mystery of who sent it remains. As we cut outside, we see someone watching the apartment from afar in the shadows.

Joon continues to tally up how much Ra-Ra owes, writing it all down on his phone. At Eunpo Port, the search for Joon continues though as Min-Soo is given extra money to find Joon.

While he orders a drink at a pop-up bar outside, Ra-Ra harasses the man and asks him to attend her piano lessons. He refuses of course, but his search does bring up a lead in the form of a clerk who recognizes Joon’s face.

Ra-Ra gets her car back and sells off the vehicle in order to raise extra funds. Just before signing the agreement, Joon arrives and stops her, especially given how much this vehicle means to her. Instead, he makes her his driver and uses the same monologue about dreams she used on him earlier in the episode.

Ra-Ra drives him up to the rooftops where she encourages him to cry all of he wants, letting all his emotion out before starting again the next day. As he begins sobbing, Ra-Ra does too upon seeing him cry.

The next day, Eun-Seok heads outside and learns that Ra-Ra is keeping her car. Dr Cha is heading to Seoul for something urgent – which happens to be a hospital visit. He’s there to see Dr Park.

On the way past a bulletin board something catches his eye. It turns out Joon’s dad is the director of the Sunwoo Foundation and Joon is his only son. Joon’s parents want him to work in the hospital but Joon is not so sure.

While he contemplates what this means, Ra-Ra finds herself in Joon’s arms. As they look into one another’s eyes, he leans forward for a kiss.

During the epilogue, we cut back 1 year to Eun-Seok finishing a piano recital. There, he runs into Joon in the hallway who apologises for knocking something out of his hand. This happens to be where the two met originally.

The Episode Review

So it seems likely now that Joon’s parents are putting a lot of money into finding their son so he can live up to their aspirations and finish med school. Joon running away may not be loan sharks after all but actually men hired by his parents desperate to bring the boy back.

Eun-Seok continues to be the shady wildcard here though and that’s before mentioning the stalker outside the apartment complex. Is this someone we already know (eg. Eun-Seok?) or a face from the past? We’ll have to wait and see for sure.

For now though, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol delivers another decent episode, with the hilarious scenes at Joon’s work easily the highlight of the entire hour.

This quirky rom-com is certainly shaping up to be a must-watch of the week.

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