Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol – Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Mystery Man

Episode 7 of Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol begins with the big reveal at the rooftop. Sook-Kyeong realizes she recognizes the guy and hurries over with Ra-Ra. Only, Dr Cha also shows up not long after.

It turns out Joong-Ho is not DoDoSolSol and actually he’s just there because the café has a nice view. Shyly apologizing to the others, he walks away. Unfortunately this leaves Ra-Ra by herself again and out of options.

Min-Soo and his associate continue to try and find Joon, tracking down the landlord Mr Kim. After confirming that he hasn’t seen Joon, he confirms to the two goons that Joon’s left for Jeonju. When Joon finds out, he thanks the man for putting trust in him and promises to go home soon.

Back with Ra-Ra, DoDoSolSol sends another message confirming that he couldn’t see her for personal reasons. While Ra-Ra breathes a sign of relief, we cut back in time to see Eun-Seok keeping a memorabilia from the wedding that day.

As he looks over it, Ra-Ra receives another message confirming that they’re letting the stars shine down for her. This brings her to realize what we’ve all come to expect for a while – Dr Cha may well be DoDoSolSol. Only, Joon turns round and tells her that it may well be him as well.

Ra-Ra waits for Eun-Seok outside his apartment and tells him that lunch is on her. Only, Eun-Seok bails on her and tells the girl he has other plans.

That hole in the wall at Lala Land has now been turned into an actual door, complete with a doorbell. When the women find out Ra-Ra’s cooking up gimbap, they head over to help her.

It turns out they have a nickname of TWD – standing for Those Wishing for Divorce. It also turns out this gimbap has been cooked for Eun-Seok, who sits down to eat with a cute note from Ra-Ra as well.

Ra-Ra meanwhile heads out and sees a flyer confirming a piano competition is on the horizon. Given it’s for kids, she realizes she could get Jae-Min involved. She quickly wakes up from her piano after dreaming of him winning.

When Joon shows up and wakes the girl up, he passes her next student Joong-Ho. They clearly know each other from somewhere but quite where remains a mystery for now.

Joon senses this and tasks Sook-Kyeong to keep an eye on the inside of the studio from time to time. Specifically to keep an eye on the cabbages which are “very special to him”.

With the door open, Joong-Ho spots this and his demeanor immediately changes. Sporting a scowl across his face, he stands up and shuts the door.

Meanwhile, Joon’s Mum arrives in town and confronts Mr Kim. She drops an envelope full of money and tells him to work with her to find Joon. As they leave, Min-Soo spies the poster for Lala Land and wonders whether that may be involved in some way.

As the car passes, she believes she’s seen Joon and stops. Instead, it’s actually Ra-Ra. Only, as fate would have it she knows who Ra-Ra is and saw her at the wedding.

Later that evening, Mr Kim feeds back what’s happened to Joon. He encourages the boy to stay there until he can pull himself together and promises to remain his guardian. He also hands over an envelope of money… which Joon refuses to take and tells the old man to keep.

That evening, Eun-Seok meets Ra-Ra out at the park. He has a gift for her which happens to be a whole stack of tasty treats. As they talk, Ra-Ra confirms that she sprinkled music all over his gimbap which makes his smile. The pair enjoy their time together and Eun-Seok eventually tells her to meet up again sometime to have ice cream.

In the morning, Joon messages and asks to meet at 11. He’s found Jae-Min and encourages Ra-Ra to come up and meet him. He invites the duo in and it turns out he’s living by himself. Ra-Ra encourages the boy to join her at the studio and gives him some treats while teaching the boy how to play the piano. As we soon find out, he also can’t read piano sheet music.

Ra-Ra worries that she won’t be a good teacher but Joon encourages her, causing the girl to blush. That evening, the trio meet up at Sook-Kyeong’s house where they feed Jae-Min. This really hits home to her though, given she used to stay in a children’s home.

The next day, Ha-Young takes Joon aside and tells him she likes him. Unfortunately he tells her they can’t be an item as he has a crush on someone else. Upset and with tears streaming down her face, Seung-Ki arrives and tries to calm Ha-Young down.

Meanwhile, Ra-Ra meets Eun-Seok at the studio again where she asks exactly what she was like as a kid. While they get along nicely together, Ha-Young decides to use this as ammo against Joon.

As she cancels on Ra-Ra, the girl ends up going to the movies alone with Eun-Seok who contemplates whether to make a move or not. Eventually he does and holds her hand as they sit together. Joon rings though, as everything is left on a big cliffhanger.

During the epilogue, Joon shows up while Ra-Ra is sleeping and fans her while the sun beams down through the window.

The Episode Review

The love triangle vibes continue to deepen as Eun-Seok establishes himself romantically before Ra-Ra. It’s been coming for a while but now we’re starting to see this blossom. How will Ra-Ra react to his proposition? Of course, that’s in no small part thanks to Ha-Young who bails on Ra-Ra to try and win Joon over.

The show has done well so far to sprinkle in a light-hearted rom-com vibe and the entire episode revels in that nicely. The mystery with Joon’s parents continues to be the most alluring part to this one though and big question marks remain over exactly what will happen next with that storyline.

So far so good though, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol continues to deliver the goods, with a few well placed laughs dotted in for good measure.

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