Classroom for Heroes – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Demon King’s Daughter

Episode 5 of Classroom for Heroes starts with a brief visit to the doctor. Blade feels better in health, but the doctor warns that using more than 30% of his full power could result in death.

In the school corridors, Yessica introduces Maria to Blade. Maria needs Blade to kill her in case she loses control of herself.

At lunch she explains to the group that she isn’t a human, she’s actually part demon; a magical beast with fearsome powers lives inside her. She was able to keep the powers in check, but ever since the fight with Cu, she has been losing control over it.

Maria is deeply afraid and doesn’t want to get kicked out of Rosewood School. Everyone empathizes with Maria and decides to help her overcome this uncertainty.

The group heads for the Testing Grounds 2 arena with the shields powered up to full power. Blade encourages Maria to release all of her strength at once. Initially she hesitates, but Blade reassures her he will take care if anything goes wrong.

Maria drops all 5 devices which are holding back her power and the entire arena erupts into a storm. Her power escalates to over a total of a hundred and sixty times.

As the dust from the storm finally settles, Maria takes her Demon King form while she levitates. Earnest and Leonard charge at her but are instantly blown away with a simple flick of her finger.

Sophie quickly grabs The Demon King and uses Ultimate Gravity to take away her ability to fly and faints. Cu then takes this opportunity to use flame breath, but Demon King simply compresses it into a bean and hurls it back.

With this, she successfully took down all of Blade’s Friends. Blade instantly jumps on the offensive striking her while the scabbard of his sword is still on. She realizes Blade is trying to take her alive and returns a massive blow smashing him into the wall of the arena.

Blade decides to take the fight seriously and throws a barrage of attacks, but she deflects every single slash and fires an energy beam at him. Blade uses the sword to shield himself and this ends up shattering the sword.

Earnest manages to stumble and hand over Asmodeus. Blade powers up to the maximum and uses Holy Demon Blade to slash at the demon king. She blocks it confidently, but within a few seconds, the power gets too huge to hold back. The slash cuts through her defenses.

Blade faints on the spot and finds himself waking up in the medical care unit. The doctor manages to revive him just in time. His Majesty informs him about her father, the Demon King.

The same day he meets her blending into the rest of the students, but she isn’t Maria anymore. Earnest gives her the nickname Mao and Yessica expresses her fear of never getting to see Maria again.

Later that night, Mao shows up at Blade’s home and forcefully picks him up for a date. She admits she is attached to him and ironically threatens that she won’t leave the place until she kills him. The previous encounter had weakened him allowing him to only use 15% of his power.

In conversation, Mao reveals that Maria still resists the urge to take off the necklace to utilize maximum power as she hides in the deepest recesses of her mind.

Mao explains the split personality of Maria and how Mao was created to escape the unbearable trauma of her father abandoning them in her mind.

A few days later Eliza informs the group that the pendant is most likely a recording device and could possibly bring back Maria. Mao agrees to experiment. They turn on the Pendant and a recording plays before them.

In the recording, The Demon King address Maria’s mother, apologizing for leaving her behind as he left to fight a foe. This message speaks to Maria deep inside. Now she knows the real reason her father left. The group bids Mao goodbye forever as she faints to let Maria take over.

Towards the end, it is revealed that both Mao and Maria manage to coexist and Maria lets Mao take over in combat with Blade.

The Episode Review

In this episode, a new character named Maria is unveiled. She is revealed to be part Demon and Maria develops a separate personality to cope with the emotional impact of her father’s abandonment of her and her mother.

However, as the story progresses, it becomes clear that her father actually left in order to confront a powerful adversary, aiming to protect them from being caught in the crossfire.

This revelation adds a layer of anticipation as viewers can expect an impending battle between Blade and the Daughter of the Demon King. Additionally, it introduces the concept of other formidable foes existing within the story’s universe.

The climax of the episode occurs when Maria learns the true reason behind her father’s absence and forgives him. This particular scene is deeply touching, as it signifies her emotional growth and healing.

Moreover, it marks the end of the necessity for her developed second personality. She and her alternate persona come to the realization that co-existence is possible.

Overall, the episode delivers powerful emotional moments, introduces intriguing story developments, and sets the stage for an intense battle in the future.

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