Classroom for Heroes – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

The Rosewood Academy Training Exercise

Episode 4 of Classroom for Heroes begins with the clash between Cu and the students of Rosewood Academy. Right away, Cu the Dragon makes her attacks with her fire breath and swings her tail to throw the students off balance. This attack is met with a slash from Earnest’s Demon sword as she reminds the students to fall into formation.

Motivated by this, the Clay Platoon and Kassim Platoon fall into formation, with shields protecting them. It forces the Cu to swing her tail onto the shields, opening an opportunity for the Kassim Platoon to take aim and fire their crossbows.

The platoons use their strategy well to target the blindspots of the dragon. However, there is one major flaw in their plan. The dragon’s sheathed scales render these ordinary attacks useless.

After enduring all the attacks, Cu swings her tail again, injuring several students with the attack. The healers get to work trying to heal the injured students. Blade patiently waits for Sophie and Earnest to unleash their moves.

Sophie takes a run-up and jumps to punch the dragon in the jaw, while Earnest charges her Asmodeus Demon Sword and strikes the dragon with her attack.

Although it was a great attack, Cu isn’t hurt much. However, it was enough to raise a cloud of dust sufficient to make her lose awareness of her surroundings. Cu steps onto a fragile spot in the ground and falls into a pit that Leonard had dug out to trap Cu after the battle had already started, which is fair.

Although Cu’s body is stuck in the pit, she still uses her fire breath to keep the students at bay. Earnest calls upon the power of Asmodeus several times to strike Cu.

Cu spreads out her wings to fly out of the pit but is met with another strike from Earnest. Sophie then uses her Great Hero Power: Gravity Manipulation, to make Cu’s body heavier and slam her into the ground.

All of the students then come together to lend their power to Earnest as she charges her sword to land the final blow. The move unleashes a massive ball of energy and defeats Cu.

Cu transforms back into a little girl, thinking Blade will disown her for the loss. Blade reassures her that he wouldn’t do that. Defeated by the students, Cu now acknowledges them as her friends.

His Majesty then prepares to introduce a new VR training method to the students.

During the lunch break, the students enjoy their new friendship with Cu. Earnest relishes the food, but Blade realizes something seems off about her. His friends urge him to keep quiet, but he doesn’t take the hint and points out her increase in wight.

Earnest feels embarrassed and runs back to her room crying.

Three days go by, and Earnest has locked herself in her room. Blade is worried he might never get to speak to her again. With the help of his friends, they decide to go over and apologize.

The group goes over to Earnest’s room, but she doesn’t open the door upon knocking. They use a lock picker to enter the room and find Earnest hogging a box full of sweets. The sweets had been causing her to become extremely overweight, and Blade makes a promise to help her get back in fighting shape.

The next day they start with running, sit-ups, crunches, push-ups, and every other exercise in the book. She also goes on a strict diet and takes steam baths. None of this helps, and her weight still seems to be increasing.

Earnest decides to try something new to burn the calories. She takes Blade to testing ground 2. She relies on Blade if the experiment goes south.

She calls on the Demon, commanding him to consume her flesh for energy and use it as power. She is instantly wrapped in a tornado of flames while Earnest takes a different form. Her eyes turn black and red, horns spring out of her head, and she begins to speak in two voices as she communicates with the Demon.

Merely being in that form burns a huge amount of calories, and it takes only a few minutes to burn through them fully. Once out of energy, Earnest faints and enters Beast mode. Overwhelmed by hunger, she charges to eat Claire.

Blade steps in with his Dragon Series, Third Sword, and uses the wind pressure to rid her of the flames.

The next day Blade and his friends find her hogging the sweets once again. Her excuse: She needs more calories for her next transformation.

The Episode Review

This episode doesn’t provide us with any major plot developments, nor does it significantly impact the storyline. However, it does give us the first full-fledged battle between the students and the dragon to enjoy.

The students of the academy use strategy and coordination to take down the overpowered opponent. Although Earnest, Sophie, and Leonard play the primary roles in the defeat, every student contributes to the battle. The second half of the episode reveals Earnest’s Demon form as she sets herself ablaze to burn the calories she recently consumed.

The episode ends with Earnest getting back in shape and doesn’t offer us anything to anticipate in the next episode, apart from a brief mention of a Virtual Reality training system.

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