Classroom for Heroes – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

The General and The Sacred Bird

Episode 6 of Classroom for Heroes opens with a new day. Blade, along with Earnest, Sophie, and Cu, venture out into the city. On the way, they find an underpass blocked by a cart full of cargo. Upon inspection, they figure it was being pulled by a centaur.

The centaur and Blade recognize each other; however, Blade requests her not to mention him as the Great Hero. The centaur introduces herself as Dione. Blade and his friends help Dione take the cargo to His Majesty.

His Majesty assigns Dione a new task: to teach at Rosewood Academy. Dione begins her first class by showing off her Demon Lance as she bursts through multiple God Iron cubes presumed to be indestructible. This maneuver not only destroys the Cubes but also melts them.

Dione introduces herself to the class, claiming to have fought alongside The Great Hero. Blade’s friend feels that Dione has known Blade for a while. They decide to be friendly to her in the bath and get answers.

Blade is bathing Cu next door and instantly storms in, stopping them in their tracks. After some persuasion, Dione tells them about Blade’s childhood without dropping a hint that he was the Great Hero.

Later, Blade and Earnest go shopping for groceries. On the way, they see one of the 4 continental Sacred Birds, the Simurgh. It quickly swoops down and destroys one of the freight wagons. Earnest prepares to draw her sword but is stopped by Blade. The Bird doesn’t hurt anyone and quickly flies away.

Blade and Earnest trace back the cargo to His Majesty and inquire with him. His Majesty reveals the Simurgh Egg in the freight wagon from the previous day.

His Majesty explains the reason behind keeping the egg too. It requires two conditions to hatch: placing it at the same height as the 10,000-year-old tree and bathing it in the sunlight of the setting sun before it can hatch. The parent birds had built a nest in a very poor location to hatch, and His Majesty saw changing the location as a training opportunity for the students of the Academy.

The next day, the students assemble to lift the egg. Blade devises a plan whereby the students can divert the Simurgh’s attention from the lifted egg.

The Simurgh searches throughout the city for the egg, destroying every Freight Wagon they see. The students engage to defend the city from the Simurghs. The students do their level best to fight the Simurghs until evening.

It is finally time to lift the egg as the sun begins to set. This draws the attention of the Simurghs, and the students urge Blade to carry the egg to the top as the lift stops working midway. The rest of the students swear to defend the egg at all costs.

Dione joins him in running up the wall and gives him a lift to carry the egg to the top before sunset. They are welcomed by His Majesty, while Blade learns that a Simurgh had once saved His Majesty’s life, and he wished to repay it.

The Simurgh continues to approach His Majesty with anger, knocking over the egg. Sophie steps in at the last moment and uses her time-stopping ability. This allows Blade to quickly step in with his Dragon Eater attack too, and stop the Simurgh in its tracks.

The Simurgh egg finally hatches at the right altitude in the light of the setting sun. The hatchling assumes Blade to be its parent.

The Episode Review

The primary purpose of this episode is to introduce new characters to the storyline. The chapter reveals that Dione, a centaur, is one of the few who fought alongside The Great Hero in the past. Additionally, the two hatchlings rescued by Blade become part of Blade’s friend group.

The episode creates a pleasant and warm atmosphere through its approach of introducing at least one new character to the storyline. However, due to the recent developments in the plot, the focus has shifted away from action scenes. Every new character who has appeared ends up becoming a member of the group.

Furthermore, Blade has been advised to keep his power level below 15%, which prevents him from engaging in any significant battles.

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