Behind Your Touch – K-drama Episode 13 Recap & Review

Episode 13

Episode 13 of Behind Your Touch picks up with the night of Ju-man’s murder.  Dr. Jung walks in on the killer, who is garbed in a raincoat. Dr. Jung sees their back, and the coat’s hood is over their face. In the present, Dr. Jung’s monitor flat lines. Later, Hyun-ok and Ye-bun weep and discuss funeral arrangements.

Jang-yeol tells Ye-bun that they can’t have the funeral soon because an autopsy must be done and that Dr. Jung is the prime suspect. Jang-yeol and Detective Kang, an investigator from Seoul, visit the neurosurgeon and ask about Dr. Jung’s condition. He shares that Dr. Jugn could hardly hold a pen because of his Parkinson’s disease. Jang-yeol argues with Detective Kang that Dr. Jung cannot be the serial killer.

Later on, Jang-yeol tells Ye-bun that he made some funeral arrangements for her. At the funeral, Mr. Ha tells Kwang-shik that if Dr. Jung were alive, Dr. Jung would have officiated his and Ae-ran‘s wedding. Mr. Park weeps loudly and says that Dr. Jung was the only one who was nice to him as Mr. Bae says that the killer case is being reinvestigated, and Kwang-shik suddenly gets up and leaves, sending a glance toward Mr. Park.

Deok-hee realizes that Sun-woo isn’t at the funeral, and Mr. Park says he hasn’t seen him all day. Hyun-ok opens up to Jong-mook about how she doesn’t understand Dr. Jung’s actions. Jong-mook reassures her that Dr. Jung must have stayed by Ju-man for a chance to get revenge and that he kept it from them so that they could live peacefully.

Ye-bun weepily says to Ok-hui that she thinks her mom must have given her the power so that she could understand Dr. Jung, but she never even got the chance to see his memories. Meanwhile, the police team finds out that Sun-woo quit his job and left town, and his phone is turned off. He also isn’t using his credit card.

Meanwhile, Jong-mook gives Ye-bun her grandfather’s case file. The next day, the police chief forbids Jogn-mook and his team from working on the killer case. Jong-mook tells the team that they’ll still secretly investigate, despite the fact that they could all lose their jobs if they do. They check the train station footage to see if they can spot Sun-woo, but they have no luck.

Later, Jang-yeol and Jong-mook visit the funeral hall, and Jang-yeol finds out that Ye-bun hasn’t been eating. He demands that she come with him. He leads her to her favorite food, which he bought her. After some convincing, she eats and thanks him for clearing Dr. Jung’s name.

Sun-woo finally arrives at the funeral hall and apologizes to Ye-bun for being late and improperly dressed. Ye-bun offers him some food, and he tells her that he was looking for his mom. Authorities had found an unidentified body, and he went to see if it was her, but it wasn’t.

He goes on to share that he blamed Ju-man for all of his misery and that he wanted to kill him, but he didn’t because he knew it wouldn’t change anything. Ye-bun touches his hand and tells him to get better. Jang-yeol sees from afar, looking slightly disappointed.

Kwang-shik runs into Mr. Park and touches his leg. He runs to Jang-yeol and tells him that Mr. Park killed Ju-man because he saw him following Ju-man into his office while holding a knife, both in real life and in Mr. Park’s memories. Detective Kang overhears, and Mr. Park gets arrested.

Detective Kang interrogates Mr. Park, who denies killing Ju-man. He asks where is the knife that Mr. Park used when he followed Ju-man before, and he says that he threw it away.

Ye-bun tells the police team about her talent and proves it by touching each of them. She tells them all the truth about Mr. Park. She tells Jang-yeol that she didn’t tell him about seeing Mr. Park follow Ju-man with a knife because nothing bad ended up happening. She asks for their help so that she can see Mr. Park.

The police team and Ye-bun spy on Detective Kang to see if he finds out anything. He hasn’t. Mi-ran disguises herself as a delivery guy in order to get Ye-bun into the investigation room. She “accidentally” spills soup on Detective Kang, and Ye-bun rushes in when he goes to wash off the soup. While he does, Jong-mook and Deok-hee try to stall him with an amusing conversation.

Meanwhile, Ye-bun tells Mr. Park that she is psychic, and the only way he can get relieved is if she touches his butt. He complies. Ye-bun sees that on the night of the murder, Mr. Park was doing normal activities, and he met Sun-woo at home that night.

Sun-woo tells Detective Kang that he saw Mr. Park during the time of the murder. Mr. Park gets released and thanks Ye-bun for her help. She asks why Mr. Park didn’t remember seeing Sun-woo, and he says he just forgot. Mr. Park says that he was supposed to see Sun-woo earlier than he did that day, which raises Jang-yeol’s suspicion of Sun-woo.

Jang-yeol times the distance to Sun-woo’s workshop from Mr. Park’s when Sun-woo finds him. Sun-woo tells him that he walked Dr. Jung to Ju-man’s office the night of Ju-man’s murder. Jang-yeol asks Sun-woo to sit on the butt of truth. Sun-woo says that he knows it is so Ye-bun can touch his butt because she has powers, but still says that he will let her do it.

Later, Ye-bun arrives and touches his butt. She confirms that Sun-woo is telling the truth. He walked Dr. Jung to Ju-man’s building and then went home. She also sees Sun-woo’s memories of spying on Ju-man at Kwang-shik’s farm when Ju-man tries to get Kwang-shik’s father to sell it. She confirms that he is also not the other psychic.

The next day, Sun-woo gives Ye-bun a ride on his bicycle to Kwang-shik’s, and Ye-bun asks Sun-woo why he didn’t let her touch him at the festival. He confesses that, at that time, he didn’t want Ye-bun to know he was having angry thoughts.

Ae-ran calls Ye-bun over to have a snack, and she lets Ye-bun know that Kwang-shik told her that she is psychic. She asks Ye-bun to help her find a gold ring that Kwang-shik gave her. Kwang-shik walks in on Ye-bun about to touch Ae-ran‘s butt and oddly grabs Ae-ran and takes her to another room, insisting that Ye-bun is too busy working to help Ae-ran.

At home, Ye-bun tells Ok-hui what happened. Ok-hui says that Kwang-shik was probably scared that Ye-bun would see his intimate life. Suddenly, Ye-bun runs to Jang-yeol and proposes that Kwang-shik lied to them about there being a third person in the barn on the night of the meteor shower. They theorize that he might be the killer.

Meanwhile, Kwang-shik, dressed in a raincoat, delivers milk to Ju-man’s office. Ju-man’s aid tells him not to bring it anymore. Kwang-shik walks outside in the rain.

The Episode Review

A psychic protagonist and a (probably) psychic serial killer—this K-drama really has us hooked. And with only 3 episodes left of Behind Your Touch, something tells me we still won’t find out who the killer is until episode 16.

Even though the series keeps getting more and more serious, the attempts at humor, though sparser than in the earlier episodes, is consistent and much appreciated. Officer Mi-ran is always in the background, but they really did a great job of highlighting her with some comedic elements this time around.

But will Ye-bun ever take her eyes off of Sun-woo? Jang-yeol is becoming more tender-hearted and more boyfriend material with each episode. It’ll probably take three more episodes for Ye-bun to see that.

What’d you guys think of this episode? Share your opinion in the comment section below!

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