Behind Your Touch – K-drama Episode 14 Recap & Review

Episode 14

Episode 14 of Behind Your Touch resumes with Kwang-shik, dressed in a raincoat, walking outside at night. Meanwhile, Jang-yeol and Ye-bun start to think that maybe he is the serial killer. Jang-yeol visits Kwang-shik’s house, and Ae-ran tells him that Kwang-shik stepped out a while ago. Jang-yeol drops Ye-bun off at her home and tells her to have Ok-hui stay with her.

Kwang-shik walks behind a building and later walks back, pressing a hand to a bleeding wound on his abdomen. Jang-yeol looks for Kwang-shik but runs into someone dressed in a raincoat. They’re holding a bloody knife. Jang-yeol chases them and realizes that it isn’t Kwang-shik. The killer takes a stab at Jang-yeol’s arm before getting away.

Jang-yeol heads to Sun-woo’s. Sun-woo is taking out the trash and has blood on his hand. Sun-woo says he doesn’t know why he has blood on his hand. Jang-yeol looks through the trash but doesn’t find the knife.

Meanwhile, Ye-bun and Ok-hui hear a knock on the door. It’s Kwang-shik. He tells them he figured it out and says the word “black” before losing consciousness. The women call an ambulance and Jang-yeol.

Jang-yeol arrives and feels Kwang-shik for a pulse. He then gets up and angrily storms to Sun-woo’s place. He pins Sun-woo up against the wall and is about to punch him when Ye-bun stops him. Sun-woo reasons that Ye-bun already touched him, so he can’t be the killer. Jang-yeol starts looking through Sun-woo’s stuff. Sun-woo stops him, and Jang-yeol gets in his face and tells him he will catch him.

Back at Ye-bun’s, the paramedics place a sheet over Kwang-shik, and Ae-ran comes in and pulls it off. She sobs. Later, Ae-ran tells Jang-yeol that all she knows is that Kwang-shik went to check something.

Ye-bun dresses Jang-yeol’s wound and tells him about Kwang-shik saying the word “black.” Jang-yeol tells her that Kwang-shik must have discovered the killer, and that’s why the killer targeted him. Jang-yeol theorizes that there must be a way to create blackouts even when the killer has their eyes open. Jang-yeol warns Ye-bun to stay away from Sun-woo.

Ye-bun thinks that she needs to touch Sun-woo to find out more about the blackouts, so she calls him. They meet, and Sun-woo says that he can’t stand that she suspects him. Ye-bun tells Sun-woo that the serial killer must be psychic. Mi-ran spots them together and calls Jang-yeol. He tells her to keep an eye on them. He then tells Jong-mook that maybe the killer attacked his targets by sensing their movements.

Meanwhile, Jang-yeol tests his theory out with Deok-hee and Jong-mook. Every time he tries to target Deok-hee with his eyes shut, he only locates Jong-mook. He throws the sensing to the side.

The team compares each victim’s stab wounds. They realize that the killer probably isn’t keeping his eyes closed but is getting better with each killing. The recent victim’s wounds are less random and more calculated.

Detective Kang takes Sun-woo to the station and produces a search warrant. The Seoul police don’t find anything. The Mujin police team realizes that if Sun-woo is the killer, he would not have time to throw away the weapon, as he immediately ran into Jang-yeol after the last killing and has been watched since. So, the weapon must still be concealed in his house.

At the clinic, Ye-bun gets a visit from Sun-woo. He asks her to accompany him to his workshop because going somewhere alone raises suspicion. At the workshop, Sun-woo shows Ye-bun how to use sandpaper.

Jang-yeol calls Ye-bun, and she looks outside to take the call and sees Jang-yeol standing there. He tells her that he is worried about her. And if she just wants someone to date her, then he can date her. She calls him a jerk before going back inside the workshop. Jang-yeol watches her from outside, and she closes the blinds.

Later, at the police station, the chief shows Jong-mook footage of him entering Kwang-shik’s autopsy room. Jong-mook explains that he can’t sit back when villagers keep dying and requests to continue investigating. The chief answers Jong-mook with a beating. Jong-mook tells the team that they need to do other police work later, and then they can resume their serial killer investigation at another time.

Jong-mook and Deok-hee grab Mr. Park and question him about Sun-woo. Mr. Park says he never found anything suspicious about Sun-woo, and they tell him that they’ll need him to spy on Sun-woo for them and that he needs to try to find the murder weapon. Meanwhile, Jang-yeol locks Ye-bun in a temporary holding cell. He tells her that she is in too much danger to be let loose, and he takes her phone.

At Mr. Park’s house, Mr. Park sticks his hand in a huge pickle jar and rifles through items in the house while looking for the murder knife. Sun-woo notices.

Meanwhile, Ye-bun flags down Detective Kang. The detective lets her out, and she tells him Kwang-shik’s last word and about how she is psychic; Kwang-shik was a psychic, and the killer is a psychic. She tries to prove her skills by touching Kang’s butt, but he doesn’t let her and sends her home. Ye-bun gets her phone back.

Ye-bun sees that she has a lot of missed calls from Sun-woo. She goes to meet him, and Ok-hui calls Jang-yeol to tell him. Jong-mook and Jang-yeol disobey the chief’s orders and go to help Ye-bun. Jang-yeol drops Jong-mook off somewhere.

Sun-woo is in his workshop, looking at a bloody knife in his toolbox, when Ye-bun comes in. Mr. Park comes in behind her, and Sun-woo quickly closes the toolbox. Sun-woo gives them some hot drinks and spills Mr. Park’s on him. Sun-woo walks Mr. Park to the bathroom. Mr. Park asks Sun-woo to come in with him, feigning that he is scared.

Ye-bun sees Sun-woo’s toolbox and opens it, seeing the knife. She quickly starts walking home. Sun-woo calls out to her, but she doesn’t respond. He grabs the knife and runs after her. Ye-bun trips and looks up to see someone standing in a raincoat. Sun-woo catches up to her and grabs her hand. The raincoated person grabs the knife and goes for Ye-bun, but Sun-woo tackles the person and tells her to run.

Ye-bun hides and calls Jang-yeol, who starts driving faster. Ye-bun sees a shovel and takes it, walking back to the spot where she last saw Sun-woo. She sees him lying still and runs toward him.

The Episode Review

Wow, they really had us there when Sun-woo started running with the knife in Episode 14 of Behind Your Touch. I can’t count how many times this K-drama has framed him as the killer, so to get the ultimate proof that he isn’t is a little satisfying. But it is very unfortunate for Sun-woo because it looks like he may be dead. But why did he have blood on his hand when Jang-yeol ran into him? Maybe he knows something…

Everything is really building up. If none of the previous episodes had your wheels turning, this one definitely will. Ye-bun running into the murderer is definitely a surprise, but a rescue from Jang-yeol would have been too predictable. It looks like Ye-bun and Jang-yeol will both be beating themselves up after this. Hopefully, no one else will have to die before they catch the killer.

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