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Episode 12

Episode 12 of Behind Your Touch continues with Ye-bun watching Mr. Park about to follow Ju-man into an office. Ju-man walks into the office, and Ye-bun calls out to Mr. Park, who collapses in tears. Ye-bun takes the knife from him.

Ye-bun and Mr. Park sit on a bench, and Mr. Park confesses that he was there to kill Ju-man because he deserves to die. He tells Ye-bun that his father bought redevelopment property to try to bring his family out of poverty. When Mr. Park came back from the army, his father had hung himself due to his financial strife, and his mother died soon after. Meanwhile, Ju-man’s aid walks into the city building.

Ye-bun goes home and does some online research about the redevelopment. She can’t find any news articles, so the next day she goes to check library records. She finds an article her mom wrote about a confident person who was going to testify. She finds Mr. Bae and asks him what he knows. He tells her that someone was supposed to testify, but he never showed up. No one had any evidence to pin on Ju-Man.

At the police station, the police team discusses how the victims have nothing in common.

Jang-yeol and Jong-mook start finding themselves in the same places and realize they’re on the same page about Sun-woo maybe being the killer. Jong-mook tells Jang-yeol about the woman who ran away and how she is Sun-woo’s mother. Jang-yeol asks if Jong-mook believes in psychics to see if he can share his findings with him, but Jong-mook essentially calls him crazy.

Jong-mook finds Mr. Park visiting a church to confess his sins. He mentions to him that Jang-yeol is crazy for believing in psychics. Later, Jang-yeol follows Sun-woo. Inside Mr. Park’s house, Mr. Park tells Sun-woo that he is going on a trip.

Ye-bun asks Jang-yeol to investigate her mom’s case. So, he goes to the station to check out the case files. The cause of death was determined to be drowning. She had parked her car on a boat ramp and taken sleeping medication. As she fell asleep, her foot loosened pressure on the break. The police concluded that it was suicide because Ju-Man testified.

Ye-bun comes home to find Ju-man having a meal with her grandfather and aunt. Ju-man says that he is going to build an apartment complex and that he will come by on the anniversary of Mi-ok’s passing. He is making everyone uncomfortable. He asks Ye-bun why she is hanging around a detective (in other words, warning her to back off with her investigating) before he leaves.

Dr. Jung walks him out, and he says that Ye-bun takes after Mi-ok in looks and personality. Ju-man says Mi-ok broke Dr. Jung’s heart by committing suicide. Dr. Jung loses his temper and tells him not to speak about her that way and that Ju-man knows better than anyone that she did not kill herself.

He grabs Ju-man’s shirt but Ju-man takes his hand off. Ye-bun’s dog starts barking, and Hyun-ok and Ye-bun come running. Ju-man leaves, and Ye-bun picks up the dog to see what happened. Ye-bun asks Dr. Jung why he thinks Ju-man is connected to Mi-ok’s death. He refuses to tell her. Instead, he tells her that if Ye-bun hadn’t been born, Mi-ok would still be there, and he tells her that he will take care of everything by himself.

That night, Ye-bun sits by the ocean alone when Jang-yeol finds her. He asks her if she needs comforting; she says no but holds onto the edge of his coat when he starts to leave. Jang-yeol guesses that she had a fight with her grandfather, and he suggests that Ye-bun try touching him. She says that she is too scared to find out if he really hates her.

She heads to Ok-hui’s to sleep and tells her that she thinks her mom was murdered. In the morning, Ok-hui tells Ye-bun to touch Ju-man again. Ye-bun explains that to see that much and so far back, she needs to be able to touch him for a long time.

Jang-yeol spies on Sun-woo again, and Sun-woo finds out. So, Jang-yeol instructs Deok-hee to follow him instead.

Ok-hui gathers her team and asks Ju-man to have a drink with them so that he can seem like a politician who will appeal to young people. After a drinking battle between him and Ok-hui, he finally passes out. Ye-bun touches his butt and sees Ju-man giving Ok-mi evidence about Assemblyman Yoon’s crimes, and he tells her that he will testify against him in court.

Yoon and his goons later beat Ju-man and give him the choice to either live life as a cripple or silence Mi-ok. Ju-man puts powder into a cup in Mi-ok’s hand, who is already in her car and passed out. He pushes her car into the ocean.

Meanwhile, Kwang-shik finds Deok-hee spying on Sun-woo.

At the station, Jong-mook explains to Jang-yeol why Sun-woo would want to kill Ju-man. Jang-yeol realizes the common theme among all of the victims—they all betrayed someone. Jong-mook argues that commonality is not a logical motive for killing people, and it doesn’t make sense that Sun-woo would have known about all these betrayals if he were the killer.

Deok-hee is spying on Sun-woo at the convenience store when he loses sight of him. He sneaked away when he wasn’t looking, and his co-worker took his place. Deok-hee alerts Jang-yeol, who runs to Ju-man’s office. At the office, he finds Ju-man dead and Dr. Jung lying aside, unconscious, covered in blood, and holding a knife.

Jang-yeol finds Sun-woo in his shed. Jang-yeol tells him that Ju-man is dead, and his expression doesn’t change. He says that he was at his workshop after he left work.

Jang-yeol visits Ye-bun at the hospital. She is waiting for Dr. Jung to get out of surgery for his stab wound. Jang-yeol tells her that he was the one holding the murder weapon. He tells Ye-bun that to know the truth, she will need to touch Dr. Jung. She mumbles that she will see him later and walks off, shaken.

Jang-yeol rushes to the station to tell everyone to gather materials on the serial killer case because the major crimes unit will want to take over the investigation and pin the murders on Dr. Jung. Jong-mook agrees, and they start packing everything up and head to the Bae home to store everything there.

Jang-yeol goes to the crime scene and sees bloodstains on the light switch. He wonders why the killer would have turned off the light. He checks on Dr. Jung, who is still unconscious, and checks the medical records.

At Ye-bun’s home, she and Hyun-ok watch the news. They find out that Dr. Jung apparently tried to stab himself. Hyun-ok goes to the station and finds her ex helping incriminate Dr. Jung. She screams and cries at him while Jong-mook holds her. Reporters rush to Ye-bun’s clinic but are met by Ok-hui and her gang, wielding bats.

Jang-yeol visits Ye-bun and lets her know that Dr. Jung is still unconscious. He tells her that he isn’t the killer and that he has Parkinson’s disease. He couldn’t have killed Ju-man because his movements are too slow and clumsy. He tells Ye-bun that she must touch him to see what happened.

She rushes to his medicine box and finds Parkinson’s medication and photos of her mom. She remembers that there was a certain photo that her mom told her never to lose. She realizes it is a photo with her, her mom, and Dr. Jung in the background. Her mom didn’t want her to lose it because Dr. Jung was in it.

Jang-yeol helps Ye-bun visits Dr. Jung in the hospital. She starts to touch him, and he holds her hand. She sees his memories of looking over her exam scores with pride before his monitor flat lines. Meanwhile, Mr. Park is getting arrested in connection with the murders.

The Episode Review

This episode is the most serious so far, with hardly a comedic moment. And the K-drama’s plot seems to wind around and around, but it is still enthralling and very entertaining. But why did Ye-bun keep Mr. Park’s crime to herself? Maybe she didn’t want Jang-yeol to arrest him…but still. Silly Ye-bun. 

Ok-hui and Yong-meong definitely need to have another moment soon, but at least Jang-yeol and Ye-bun are getting somewhere.

I don’t think they’re going to stop throwing us off about who the killer is until episode 16 of Behind Your Touch. Perhaps there is even more than one killer…I don’t think they’ve told us whether Ju-man’s wounds match those of previous victims.

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