Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life – Episode 55 & 56 Recap and Review

The Prescription

The truth is slowly coming out for our characters as Yu-Ra finds out about her son and Cheong-Ah. However, she still doesn’t know who her sister is and Cheong-Ah is also none the wiser about Joon-Hwi’s family. While it has taken a while to get there, Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life has managed to build to this point quite well nonetheless.

We begin where the last episode left off, with Cheong-Ah jumping infront of Joon-Hwi’s car while Yu-Ra watches them. Hwa-Young happens to get out of the building at the same time and is shocked to see who her nephew is with. Cheong-Ah demands to know the truth about his real reason for the break up, to which he replies that someone he loved died the day he met her so every moment with her is torture for him. Unable to take this any longer, Yu-Ra steps out of the car and as she approaches them, Cheong-Ah faints. Yu-Ra takes her to hospital and tells her not to follow or call otherwise she will tell Cheong who he is.

In hospital, Yu-Ra remembers the day she met Cheong-Ah and is angry that she has fallen for her other son. When Cheong-Ah wakes up, Yu-Ra asks why she made a scene and tells her how pathetic she looked. Cheong-Ah then explains that she was happy with him and he seems too, but she only just found out about the person he loved and lost.

A worried Joon-Hwi calls his cousin and asks him to find out how Cheong-Ah is. After enquiring about her in the hospital, Jin-Woo speaks to his mother about Cheong-Ah. Hwa-Young worries about her sister finding out about Seol-Ah and that they have lied to her for all these years. She thinks she might disown them so Jin-Woo suggests telling the truth as he wants to protect Seol-Ah and her family from her.

Yu-Ra returns home and as she confronts her son, he thanks her for taking Cheong to hospital. He apologises and promises to stop seeing her despite his feelings. Joon-Hwi decides to head to the Kim’s household to sprinkle salt again on their driveway. Just as he’s about to leave, he sees Cheong-Ah arriving home. This prompts him to call Joon-Hwi and puts him on speaker-phone so he can hear that Cheong-Ah is now okay.

Arriving home, Cheong-Ah tells her sister that Jin-Woo is outside with crutches. She then rushes out to see him limping again with a cast. He manages to convince her to join him for something to eat after she sees that he has been putting salt on the floor for them again. They head into a tent bar and as people begin recognizing her, Joon-Hwi gets up to stop them from taking pictures. Just as he does, he forgets his crutches which makes her realize he’s been faking his injury all along. When she storms out, he tells her that his aunt has found out about her sister and Joon-Hwi. Still angry, she leaves and tells him she will call Joon-Hwi.

Tae-Rang confronts his sister abut bullying Cheong-Ah and slaps her when she doesn’t deny it and provokes him. After locking herself in her room and throwing all her stuff on the floor, Tae-Rang manages to get inside where he tells her to apologize to Cheong or he’ll stop being her brother. Their father arrives home with Pa-Rang and when he sees the mess, demands to know if they’ve been fighting again. Hae-Rang refuses to say why but apologises, prompting Tae-Rang to ask his dad to bring all his colleagues home for dinner and to make sure he invites Cheong-Ah too.

At work, Cheong-Ah finds out that Si-Wol was involved in a hit and run when he was 19 and after that, committed more crimes which led him to prison. She then remembers that she still has his prescription to give him and when she reads his full name, gets the feeling she has heard the name before.

Meanwhile, Si-Wol is fired from his job despite not being at fault in the accident. Yu-Ra then arrives and watches as Si-Wol and his boss argue about what happened. Seeing red, Si-Wol turns around, picks up a rock and just as he is about to hit his boss on the back of the head, Cheong-Ah arrives and stops him. She tells him that she’s here to give him his prescription and that if he feels wronged, he should come to the station. Yu-Ra steps out of her carĀ and is shocks to see Cheong and Si-Wol meeting just as the episode closes.

I have certainly become hooked on Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life and grown attached to all its characters. They have all had some great storylines so far and each had plenty of development, making it even more satisfying to see some of them winning awards at the KBS Awards on New Year’s!

Yu-Ra is very close to the whole truth now and when she finds out just who Cheong-Ahs’ sister is, it’ll be quite explosive and I’m looking forward to see just how panicked Hwa-Young will be. We also saw a little more from Si-Wol in this episode and it seems that because of Yu-Ra, his life took the worst turn possible. I wonder if Cheong-Ah will make a difference in his life before she finds out who he really is.

On the other hand, Jin-Woo is showing another side to him; calling Joon-Hwi and making him listen to Cheong-Ah after she came out of hospital was a really nice touch. We can also see that he’s slowly starting to break down Seol-Ah so it will be quite interesting to see what will happen for those two next. Tae-Rang also showed a different side to him when he confronted and slapped his selfish sister. This was quite the surprising scene and the dinner they are planning is bound to bring more of those dramatic moments. All these intertwined storylines definitely makes this drama enjoyable and easy to get hooked on, I can’t wait for next week’s episodes!


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  1. Can I edit my comment? So many errors: Yoon Wi is Joon Hwi and letter “he” received. And other grammatical errors….I apologize but you get the gist….

  2. Thank you for the recaps! This is my favorite show right now and it is so agonizing to wait a week for more episodes. I feel there are a few more secrets to come out: I am also interested on how Cheong Ah is going to react when she finds out Joon Wi is the brother of Joon Gyeom and that he’s been keeping it a secret from her all this time. And Joon Wi has no idea what his mother did to cover up the accident. Joon Wi has such a strong sense of integrity even if it means his own family taking responsiblilty(making Jin Woo take responsibility so Baek was not wrongly prosecuted) and because of that Joon Wi was banished for a year for his integrity. which he willing took to make sure the right thing was done. And Yu-Ra using her power to send an innocent boy to jail to cover up her son’s hit and run I think had a lot to do as to why Joon Gyeom committed suicide. If he took responsibility for the accident, I think he would still be alive today. When Joon Wi finds that out, I think it will cause a huge maybe permanent rift between him and his mother, She definitely has responsibility in her son’s suicide. but as of now she does not know it was suicide. That knowledge will kill because then she will realize her part in the suicide. . Joon Wi knows because of the letter her received from Joon Gyeom. He is keeping that information from her to protect her. Yu Ra only has the knowledge of Cheong Ah’s testimony that Joon Gyeom died trying to save her life. Which Cheong’ s mother forcing her to lie. I think the purest characters in this drama are Yoon Wi and Cheong Ah which is why I love them so much and their relationship. As I am writing this, I can now see why they needed 100 episodes for this drama. Kudos to the writer for creating a complicated mesmerizing plot.

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