Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life – Episode 53 & 54 Recap and Review

The Break Up

Last weekend I really missed my weekly fix of Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life so I was really looking forward to a new episode – and the drama certainly didn’t disappoint. Back with more dramatic, tense and touching moments, Beautiful Love delivered another strong chapter as we catch up with our favourite characters.

We begin with Joon-Hwi finally kissing Cheong-Ah. After spending some touching moments together, Joon-Hwi notices that she has fallen asleep and puts her in bed. The next morning, we see that he hasn’t slept much as they go and watch the sunrise together. He tells her that he can’t do this any longer and breaks up with her as he feels uncomfortable. Cheong-Ah is speechless and leaves the beach with her suitcase, unable to stop crying.

As Yu-Ra heads out in the morning, she sees her son repeatedly beating his head against his steering wheel while crying. Cheong-Ah calls him but he doesn’t answer each time she does. Yu-Ra decides instead to go back inside and as she heads in her son’s room, she sees that Cheong is calling his phone. She then angrily confronts him and wants to know if they’re dating. However, he lies and claims that he only met her because of her connection with Joon-Gyeom. He also reveals that he was at the station on that fateful day and believes that if he had stayed, he would have managed to stop his brother.

Joon-Hwi then decides to meet Seol-Ah and tells her that he broke things off with her sister, making sure he was extra harsh with her. She thanks him and promises to call him from time to time to let him know how Cheong-Ah is doing.

Meanwhile, Joon-Ik berates his son for seeing Seol-Ah as he’s worried about what people will say. Tae-Rang tells his dad that he hopes people would accept it, just like he accepted him as a son. During dinner, it’s Hae-Rang’s turn to tell Tae what to do, as she wishes he went back to work in a hotel instead of working in the same building as her boss.

In the Kim household, Seol-Ah gives her sister some medicine as she’s not feeling well. Cheong-Ah tells her that she has been dumped but can’t stop thinking it may be a lie and wants to check if it is. At the same time, Yoong-Woong makes a proposition using a famous scene from Love Actually as he wishes to be a shop owner and wants the money they received for Yeon-Ah.

After volunteering to help the elderly, Tae-Rang comes face to face with Young-Ae whom he hasn’t seen in a while. They decide to have coffee where they discuss Seol-Ah and his sister. Young-Ae mentions how angry she still is about her and reveals that she bullied Cheong-Ah for two years.

After work, the show producer tells Seol-Ah that she didn’t get the permanent co-anchor position. Realizing Jin-Woo is behind it, she rushes to his office to confront him and sees him with crutches, not knowing that he’s actually faking the injury. She asks him for her job back but he explains that he did it because it would affect the company and his employees.

Frustrated, she tells him that she wished she never married him and starts to leave. This prompts him to offer her to be on TV, in exchange for dating him for a month. Ignoring Jin-Woo’s plea, she leaves his office, but only to be faced by Hwa-Young who demands that she signs a waver to stop being on TV.

At work, Cheong-Ah struggles but is called out to attend an accident between a car and a biker. The driver of the car claims that the biker is at fault and it’s here we see that he is the boy, Kang Si-Wol, Yu-Ra was shocked to see the other day in the restaurant. Cheong-Ah sees that he is injured and despite his protest, makes him go to hospital. After receiving stitches, he carries on acting cold and harsh, and leaves without thanking her.

In the evening, Cheong-Ah leaves the station and, unbeknownst to her, sees that Yu-Ra is following her to Inter Market where she waits for Joon-Hwi. As soon as she sees his car, she jumps in front of it and demands that he get out. The episode then ends with him facing Cheong just as Yu-Ra is watching them.

What an emotional episode for Cheong-Ah and Joon-Hwi! Watching the latter having to make that really hard decision was so heartbreaking, especially knowing that he actually cares and wants to be with her. This must be quite frustrating for him having to watch her suffer. Poor Cheong-Ah has not given up though and still has some hope in their relationship. I am really looking forward to see what will happen for those two next and if they will get the happy ending they deserve.

Both actors have won awards in the KBS award show and I am glad they did as they have really delivered some excellent performances so far.

Jin-Woo is still using any means he can to win Seol-Ah and we’re starting to see some signs that it might start to work while we finally find out the name of the mystery biker – Kang Si-Wol. We’ve heard the name before when Joon-Gyeom mentioned who his victims were. The truth is bound to come out soon, especially now that Cheong-Ah has met the boy and this promises to add even more tense and dramatic scenes in the weeks to come.


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