Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life – Episodes 57 & 58 Recap and Review

More Revelations

With more truths out in the open, Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life brings us another strong episode full of shocking moments as both parents learn about Jin-Woo and Joon-Hwi. This is bound to create some serious repercussions for the family and I’m looking forward to see how this one unfolds in the weeks to come.

The episode begins just as Cheong-Ah is stopping Si-Wol from hitting his boss while Yu-Ra watches on. As she tries to talk to him, he pushes her away and leaves. Cheong-Ah turns around and is surprised to see Yu-Ra there. The woman explains that Si-Wol is one of the kids she’s supporting so Cheong explains the situation and tells her she will make sure to keep an eye on him.

Cheong-Ah sees him again at the station and suddenly remembers Joon-Gyeom mentioning his name as one of his victims. She asks him if he knew her friend but he denies ever hearing that name.

Hwa-Young visits her sister to discuss Cheong-Ah and tells her she should have just let her die on the floor when she fainted after what she did to her younger son. Recalling when she poured water over her head, Hwa-Young tells her sister to leave it to her, as she’ll punish the girl again. As Joon-Hwi arrives, we see that he’s trying his best to make up with his mum for upsetting her. However, she’s still angry and tells him that she’s planning to tell Cheong-Ah the truth. This prompts him to give her an ultimatum : he will go back to her if she does, to protect her.

After his mum talks to him about what happened with Yu-Ra and Joon-Hwi, Jin-Woo receives a text from Seol-Ah who asks to meet with him. In his office, Jin-Woo explains what happened between Joon-Hwi and his mother. This worries Seol-Ah as she doesn’t want her parents knowing the truth and also is anxious about Hwa-Young. Jin-Woo mentions that he could also give his mother an ultimatum by telling her he will move in her house so he asks her to pretend liking him to make this work. This angers her as she arrived to ask him a favour. Before leaving though, she agrees to the pretense but mentions that she does have feelings for someone else.

Leaving the building, she sees Tae-Rang who wishes her a happy new year. He explains that he met with her mother and asks her why she didn’t tell him about her sister and Hae-Rang. She tells her she didn’t want to hurt his feelings so he decides that they need to end things as he wants to stop hurting her and her family.

In the Kim household, Yeon-Ah is getting ready to travel to China for a training session. Her mother finds a sheet with Joon-Hwi’s number on it and decides to ring it. When he picks up the phone, she hangs up straight away. This then prompts him to ring back but Young-Ae decides to let Cheong-Ah answer it. As she starts talking to him, Joon-Hwi struggles to stay cold, but tells her not to call again.

Seol-Ah leaves his restaurant sobbing and runs into Jin-Woo who finds out Tae-Rang is the one that upset her. This prompts him to confront Tae about it and ends up punching him. Tae-Hang doesn’t fight back though but tells him to leave her alone and let her live her life.

Yoong-Woong finds out that Seol-Ah has been fired from her TV show and decides to confront Jin-Woo about it in his office. However, Hwa-Young enters and asks him what he is doing there. He tells her that he’s here to have it out with her as he knows she had Seol fired. She replies that it was her son and this prompts her to also reveal that he had an affair while they were married. As he tries to process the news, Jin-Woo enters the room and, seeing red, Yoong-Woong slaps him and tells him he’ll never seen her or his daughter again.

At the police station, Si-Wol arrives to see Cheong to ask about the surveillance footage, where they see he definitely wasn’t at fault. He tells her that he will soon pay her back for his medical bill then leaves. After taking her son’s phone away, Yu-Ra sees a text from Young-Ae asking to meet. She replies as herself that she wants to meet too. The episode ends with Young-Ae waiting and is shocked when Yu-Ra arrives and tells her she is Joon-Hwi.

This latest episode of Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life sees both parents finding out some home truths behind the family, creating a lot of heartache for both their daughters. Yoong-Woong has definitely grown on me and seeing him slap Jin-Woo was certainly a strong scene, especially seeing that he has been been backing his daughter a lot more lately. Young-Ae is also in for a shock now that she knows who Joon-Hwi’s mother is. How will she react and will she tell her daughter? We should of course find out in due time.

In the meantime, I do wonder if Cheong-Ah has taken a liking to Si-Wol and whether these two will get closer as she’s feeling vulnerable and is always willing to help others. I imagine we’ll see more of him and that he will play a big part in the weeks to come, especially knowing what Yu-Ra did to him. All these dramatic revelations and untold truths make this soapy drama just that much more enjoyable and easy to get hooked on despite its long 100 episode run.


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