Bad Sisters – Season 1 Episode 8 “The Cold Truth” Recap & Review

The Cold Truth

In episode 8 of Bad Sisters, we learn the circumstances behind George’s death. Years ago, George was working in his basement, where he stuffs dead animals, when John Paul greeted him to ask for money.

George laughed in his face and refused him the money. Soon, however, he started choking on a glass eyeball. JP went to help him, but stopped himself. He decided to watch his father choke to death–and then his eyes landed on the freezer.

After finding George’s body, Becka thinks that John Paul must have killed his father. It makes sense: Because everyone thinks George is still alive, John Paul can spend his money however he wants.

Ursula wants to ring the guards, but Bibi refuses. After all, John Paul won’t be out of Grace’s life until he’s dead. Becka then hatches a plan to lock JP in the freezer, but the others think the plan is too risky.

At work, Eva gets the news that JP was promoted over her–despite the fact that she is more qualified. Her boss tells her that John Paul is simply more “temperamentally suited” to the role. Eva knows then that John Paul sabotaged her and spilled about her stint in rehab.

Roger returns home and insists to Grace that the rumors about him aren’t true. But someone in the area called the guards on him. She believes him. Later, John Paul warns Roger to stay away from them.

Becka, meanwhile, tries to figure out how long it would take for JP to freeze to death. Ursula says he’d die before the body freezes–in two to three hours. They go to check out the freezer in person, and learn that sound doesn’t travel through. This makes it an even better method of murder, but Eva still can’t get behind it.

Meanwhile, JP continues to be horrible at work. In the bathroom, He tells Gabriel that Eva shared his secret–that he’s gay. When he starts feeling him up, Gabriel pushes him into a urinal.

Gabriel walks out, packs up his stuff, and leaves. Later, he confronts Eva, who insists she didn’t tell John Paul… but she did tell her sisters. 

In the present, John Paul’s body is exhumed. Becka learns of this by catching sight of a text on Matt’s phone. She immediately goes to her sisters to tell them what’s happening and to admit her relationship with Matt.

Unfortunately for Tom, he gets inconclusive results from the exhumation–which leads him to think the sisters killed John Paul in a way that didn’t leave a mark. 

Ursula later meets Ben, who is excited to show her a house. He wants to be with her, and her kids. But Ursula refuses. When she tells Ben she can’t see him anymore because of her brother-in-law, Ben admits he wants to kill John Paul. That night, he drives to JP’s house.

Eva’s reluctance doesn’t stop Becka, meanwhile. She’s going to kill JP tonight.

So, Becka goes over to Minna’s, while Ben storms into JP’s house and punches him. He warns John Paul that if anyone sees his photograph of Ursula, he will kill him. He doesn’t care about going to prison.

Becka hides that night, waiting for John Paul. Eventually, she hears someone walk into the freezer, so she closes and locks the door, then turns down the temperature.

The next morning, Becka unlocks the freezer door but doesn’t open it. She goes to tell Eva the job is done, and they hug.

The Episode Review

The Garvey sisters have certainly had many mess-ups before, but nothing has left such a bad feeling in the pit of one’s stomach as Becka shutting the freezer door on someone she didn’t even see. Did Becka actually kill JP? Or the person who’s become a dear friend–poor, sweet Minna?

Meanwhile, drama ramps up between the sisters in both past and present timelines. And as much as I love to root for the underdog, it turns out the sisters may have been right about “Baby Becka.” She puts them at too much risk. She’s likely going to have to prove herself even more to finally get her sisters’ approval. But Eva, too, has done some posturing–as protector. And she may just have to prove that she is one.

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8 thoughts on “Bad Sisters – Season 1 Episode 8 “The Cold Truth” Recap & Review”

  1. Ben does not storm into any house to punch JP. He punches him in the middle of the street when they are driving. Is someone using Cliffnotes to write these?

  2. The individual who wrote the synopsis might want to actually watch the show.

    Bed does not “storm into JP’s house” to punch and threaten him. He waits outside, follows JP in his car, practically runs him off the road and then punches and threatens him on the side of the road.

    Not that it makes any difference in THIS case WHERE the confrontation takes place, but sometimes details matter. The plot can hinge on details.

  3. I’m just grasping on to the idea that the sisters as a group couldn’t be anything less than completely psychologically shattered in the present if Becka HAD actually ended up killing ANYONE unintentionally like that. Don’t know what they’ll come up with to make this scenario workable. Unless it was a dream Becka had…

  4. Roger and Ben are still around after JP dies from what I remember from the first funeral episode, so it must be Minna or JP. Irks me how haphazard they are with all their murder plans! Had to be a way Becca coulda checked who went in there

  5. I know. The damn bastard just will not die!! I’m worried it’s Minna in the freezer. I don’t think Roger would go to JPs mother house?? Ben is still around after JP dies isn’t he?? I’m not sure. He really gets on my nerves too. If I was there I just might kill him! 🤪🤪🤪🤪

  6. I have a bad feeling about who’s actually in the freezer; could be poor Minna, Ben (don’t know how he could’ve made his way to the freezer), Roger (maybe looking for proofs after suspecting JP set him up?). Or they finally got JP for good. Lmao, he really gets on my nerves.

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