Bad Sisters – Season 1 Episode 9 “Going Rogue” Recap & Review

Going Rogue

In Episode 9 of Bad Sisters, the Garvey sisters wait again in anticipation of John Paul’s death. Then, John Paul rings at Eva’s door.

Becka immediately panics and bolts to go check on Minna. But JP also has plans to check on his mother. He beats Becka inside, where he finds Minna in the freezer, dead. He holds her and laughs.

Becka rings at the front door and asks John Paul if she can see Minna. John Paul tells her to go away; his mother is sleeping.

JP then puts Minna and bed and dries her off. He calls the police to tell them he found his mother unresponsive. He says he believes she died in her sleep.

Later, Grace spreads the news of Minna’s death. She believes what John Paul told her: that Minna passed away peacefully in her sleep.

The other sisters, however, think she died in the freezer. It makes sense that John Paul wouldn’t want the cops to discover his freezer.

Eva and Becka realize they need a photograph of George’s dead body in case they need to use it against him later. They sneak back into Minna’s house and into the basement. But when they check the freezer, George is gone–and JP catches them coming out of the basement. They make up some excuse about Becka looking for massage equipment, but John Paul doesn’t look like he’s buying it.

Becka, torn apart by what she’s done to Minna, runs away.

That night, John Paul throws a suitcase into the creek behind Minna’s house. He then throws glass eyes–like the one George choked on–into the creek after it. Finally, it seems, he’s disposing of his father’s body.

In the present day, Matt goes to see Becka. He accuses her of being at the marina the night JP nearly drowned. He then brings up Minna’s check and calls her a hypocrite. This causes Becka to break down. Minna was her friend, she insists. And she misses her. Matt apologizes, and they kiss.

Meanwhile, Tom confesses to his wife that he might go to jail for helping to cover up embezzlement.

At Minna’s memorial gathering, Roger notices a cross planted in John Paul’s backyard. It has the name “Oscar” printed on it, both the name of JP’s dog and the name of the supposed child who was interacting with Roger online. Now, Roger is putting together the truth. He knows what John Paul did.

JP continues to make work hard for Eva, undermining her and making her out to be a raging alcoholic. Eventually, she packs up her stuff and leaves. John Paul follows her and tells her he’s onto Becka. He knows she was with Minna and knows she was at the marina.

Eva believes now more than ever that they need to finish the job–this weekend at a cabin where they’ll all be celebrating Grace’s birthday. Bibi isn’t interested, but Eva tells Ursula to get the appropriate drugs anyway.

In the present day, Tom’s wife gets out of bed and rummages through Tom’s work files. She finds Becka’s address, but then collapses, as she wasn’t supposed to be out of bed. Tom finds her and takes her to the hospital, where he learns that he may lose her and the baby.

Matt promises that he’ll handle the investigation for now. He revisits a bar to make sure JP was there the day he died. The bartender can no longer remember. But she definitely did see Becka there. Tom and Matt now know the sisters were lying. They weren’t all together the day John Paul died.

While Grace and JP are at the cabin celebrating Grace’s birthday, Roger pays a visit. He tells JP he knows he was Oscar and asks him why he did it. He thought they were friends. John Paul isn’t sympathetic. He tells Roger they were never friends.

John Paul lies to Grace and says it was a stranger at the door, but Grace sees Roger through the window as he’s walking away.

The other sisters meet up for dinner, but Eva doesn’t show. Bibi worries that she’s planning on doing something to JP without telling them. After the dinner, Becka goes to a bar to get drunk. Ursula goes to meet Ben for one last night together. When Ursula wakes up, Ben is gone.

The next morning, all the Garvey sisters show up at the cabin. The cops are there. Grace runs out to meet them. “John Paul is dead,” she tells Eva, crying. “He’s dead.”

The Episode Review

The wicked witch is finally dead, and it’s possible the Garvey sisters didn’t even have to lift a finger. 

There are several possibilities that could explain John Paul’s death. Grace is the only one who was in the cabin with him. Roger showed up by surprise and has considerable motive, given that JP tarred his reputation. Eva was suspiciously not present at the sisters’ dinner. And of course, Ben might want to kill John Paul so he can stay with Ursula. Then again, could JP be responsible for his own death?

Though a somewhat slow episode where the sisters are mostly waiting around for something to happen, it sets things up nicely for a big reveal in the season finale. Who do you think killed John Paul?

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8 thoughts on “Bad Sisters – Season 1 Episode 9 “Going Rogue” Recap & Review”

  1. My theory Grace did it. She gave him one too many of the purple pill and it interacted with his wine they were drinking.. which is why – he had a woody in the coffin and also why his daughter said she would say he died in his sleep.. but also she knew what she was doing – as another commenter said she had noticed George Walking away and realized that JP was truly a Prick .. who kills the cat.. never mind your own parent.. he’s a sociopath

  2. Just a hunch but I think Donal is the killer. Every other suspect has been played up too much. Donal in the background knows about the affair and is fine with it but JP keeps interfering with arrangement. Ok a long shot but making my claim.

  3. The show is awesome, Sharon Horgan is a genius. Anyone who thinks otherwise can take a long walk off a short pier!

  4. What are these people talking about? This is insanely brilliant! Incredibly written and entertaining, every episode leaves me wanting more time with the Garvey sisters. I have no doubt that whomever killed JP will be a surprise and honestly, can’t we all just be happy the prick will be dead? Awesome show. One of the best.

  5. My crazy fantasy theory is that the last episode will review the entire series through Grace’s POV. While we were carefully made to think she was foolishly loyal to JP the entire time, she instead has quietly been taking notice of every lie and wrongdoing of his, as is briefly suggested when she catches a glimpse of Roger walking away in the forest. Consequently, she could be the one who is ultimately responsible for his death, as well as the most convincing “actress” of all the sisters…

  6. While I mildly enjoy this series, the thin plot is stretched way too far. Should have been a 4-6 episode arc, one episode per sister’s POV then the big reveal.

  7. Bad Sisters is a victim of cookie cutter screenwriting, trying desperately to maintain viewer loyalty while offering repetitive and predictable sequences of crime scene material that becomes boring and annoying. It fails as an episodic serial and the character development does not hold the failing plot line together. It would have made a better movie, perhaps… and then again, maybe not. I give it two nacho chips out of five.

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