Bad Sisters – Season 1 Episode 7 “Rest in Peace” Recap & Review

Rest in Peace

In episode 7 of Bad Sisters, John Paul wakes up and bursts out of the water, but he struggles to swim. Over on the next boat happens to be Gabriel, who pulls him out of the water and saves him. He looks up just as the Garvey sisters drive away. But does he see them?

JP wakes up in the hospital and doesn’t remember anything that happened. He thinks someone is trying to kill him–but Grace assumes he attempted suicide.

The sisters realize they left JP’s nasal spray at his house, so Becka resolves to go and get it. 

In the present, Matt meets Tom at their dad’s grave to mark his birthday. Tom tells him he has proof–from the hospital records–that John Paul thought someone was trying to kill him. They have to prove, then, that it was one of the sisters. And the Grace, the beneficiary, knew about the murder.

The Claflin brothers pay a visit to Gabriel to ask him what happened. He tells them that Eva was there that night with Becka. She told him not to tell JP, but she was there to see him, and she left when she realized he was with someone. He also reveals that he’s not in contact with Eva anymore.

Matt later reveals to Tom that he found a check addressed to Becka from John Paul’s mom. Tom thinks this is proof that Becka was involved in the murder. What if she tried to get money from Minna, found her account was empty, and then tried to wring money from JP instead?

In the past, Gabriel confronts Eva about seeing her at the docks. As he will later state to the Claflin brothers, she asks him to keep this to himself.

Despite needing to recover, JP leaves the hospital and drives up for his interview with Gerald. He’s determined to beat out Eva for the promotion, so he tells Gerald that Eva once had a breakdown.

Becka brings Blánaid home then pops upstairs to clean up John Paul’s urine and look for the nasal spray. She finds it, but JP comes home and catches her upstairs. She claims she was tidying for him, but he can see she’s hiding something.

He grabs at her to see what she put in her pocket, but Blánaid rebukes him, and Becka slips away. JP’s memory starts coming back in pieces. For one, he remembers Becka taking his pants off.

Grace comes home and talks to John Paul about getting him some help. In an outburst, he accidentally pushes her down the stairs outside. She falls, hits her head, and falls unconscious.

Later, Ben and Ursula see each other. She tries to break it off with him, but he still begs to walk her to work–where JP then catches sight of him, having been in the hospital due to Grace’s injury.

When Ursula returns home, she finds her son has broken his arm. Donal confronts her about his never being able to reach her when he needs her. Her sisters aren’t her only family, he reminds her.

In the present, Tom tries again to wear down the inquisitor, who finally agrees to do a post-mortem examination. Tom then warns Matt to stay away from Becka, and he does start ignoring her calls.

Back in the past, Becka does Minna’s shopping for Grace. When Minna mentions how often John Paul goes down to the basement, Becka checks it out.

She discovers a key to a freezer, where she finds dead animals… and a human skeleton.

“George?” she says, thinking she’s found John Paul’s missing father.

The Episode Review

The plot thickens, implicating that John Paul is behind the gruesome cover-up of his father’s death. Not only that, but this has provided the sisters with a potentially perfect way of killing the man–his own walk-in freezer. (Surely Becka is thinking it!)

Things are shaking up in the present timeline as well. The sisters seem a hare’s breath from being officially accused of several attempted murders–and maybe one real one? Of course, the insurance agents are going to have a problem in proving Grace knew about the murder–unless something going on with the widow that we don’t know about.

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