9-1-1 – Season 6 Episode 8 “What’s Your Fantasy?” Recap & Review

What’s Your Fantasy?

Episode 8 of 9-1-1 season 6 starts with a group of people at a festival and unfortunately a swamp of bees attack a young lady knight. The team is called in to save her and Hen is happy to see that she inspires the sister of the young knight.

Later, Buck offers to watch his niece, Jee-Yun as Chimney and Maddie go house-hunting. Their current apartment is small and they need a bigger apartment so their daughter can have her room. Buck assumes that it will be smooth sailing but Jee-Yun proves to be quite a handful. She is just so adorable that you can’t help but smile as she tires Buck, wreaking havoc in the house. Unfortunately, Chimney and Maddie are unable to get an apartment at their price range.

Meanwhile, Bobby and Athena are curious about the guest May invited over for dinner. It turns out to be Darius, an old childhood friend. He is back in town and is considering transferring schools and being close to home. May is hoping that he will decide to study at her school. His parents are currently mad at him as they want him to stay at Stanford so in the meantime, he is crashing at a friend’s place. Athena is quick to notice the chemistry sizzling between May and Darius but doesn’t say much about it.

The next day, the team is called to help a man who collapses in his office. His assistant thinks it is his fault and confesses that he might have given him the wrong cup of coffee. His boss is a jerk and he has been getting through the stressful days by imagining him dying in the most brutal ways. Seeing how his boss treats him, it is understandable why he ended up with such a fantasy! Luckily, his boss had a heart attack and he didn’t accidentally try to kill him. Also, has this man never had of,” anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law ?”

On the other hand, Eddie is preparing Christopher for a school dance. Christopher is worried about how he looks in his suit but he looks dashing. Carla thinks Christopher is anxious about the party because he might have a crush. Eddie is worried that he is back to keeping secrets from him but his talk with the team only adds to his worries. In the end, he realizes that he can’t always be prepared, parenting is a mysterious journey that no one is ever truly prepared for.

Darius and May continue hanging out and he takes her to the place he is currently staying at. While there, they meet Erik who is unfriendly and rude. The next day, May drops by the house to wait for Darius and discovers Erik is a dangerous young man. The situation escalates when Erik threatens Darius’ life and May does her best with the help of the police to save Darius. Thankfully, her experience as a former 9-1-1  dispatch officer helped her in this tense situation. After saving Darius, they kiss and seemingly start dating.

The Episode Review

There were a lot of moving parts in this episode and that made it more interesting. It was good to see Buck and Jee-Yun together. Normally, we see him hanging out with Christopher so this was definitely a good change of pace.

Seeing May and learning that she is adjusting but still happy was also good as many viewers were wondering how she is doing. Hopefully, she and Darius will have a good time and enjoy the bliss of being young and in love.

It was beautiful and moving seeing Eddie understand that no one can prepare anyone for parenting. Many parents can attest that there are many things we never imagined or dreamed of seeing our kids doing. The scene where he shares his thought on this with Carla was refreshingly raw! Roll on the next episode!

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