9-1-1 – Season 6 Episode 9 “Red Flag” Recap & Review

Red Flag

Episode 9 of 9-1-1 season 6 starts with Bobby waking up in the early hours of the morning and driving to a location in the middle of nowhere. He builds a cross and pins it into the scorched earth, it seems like there has recently been a fire. Did someone die?

Elsewhere, in the 9-1-1 call centre, Josh is hoping to schedule around the Santa Ana wind emergencies.  Maddie gets a call about a dog picking up a human hand and 118 is dispatched to help. They get there and find out that a few teenage boys thought it was a good idea to blow fireworks during a wind storm. One of them lost his hands and another lost a finger.  There is also a third friend who they neglected to mention who lost a thumb.

Later, Hen and Karen celebrate their son’s birthday and they promise him that they can do whatever he wants. Denny decides to ask about his birth mom and they try their best to answer his questions. Karen asks Hen to find old photos and show them to Denny. Karen doesn’t think much of it but the question lingers in Hen’s mind. She worries if there is something wrong and feels unsettled. Eddie tries to calm her down and assure her she is doing well as a mother.

In the meantime, Bobby gets a visit from his AAA sponsor, Wendell who is stopping by to let him know about his upcoming trip. He wants Bobby to take over some responsibilities when he is gone. Bobby thinks something is off but Wendell just brushes his concern off and blames the Santa Ana winds. Bobby doesn’t believe him but he sees him off and wishes him a safe trip.

At the 9-1-1 centre, Josh is, unfortunately, unable to get away from the craziness of the Santa Ana shifts after Cedric asks to trade shifts. He works shift after shift and is exhausted from the lack of sleep and the many calls that keep coming through. One of the calls turns out to be from a strange murder house and he asks the police to check it. One of the police officers gets spooked and ends up hurting himself.

118 responds to the call and Chimney is taken by all the mystery that engulfs the house. He thinks the house has some great bones and investigates what happened in it. He soon finds out that the house was not haunted it was just abandoned after the owner suffered from the trauma of losing her family in a road accident. He asks Maddie if they can buy the place and renovate it to make it a house.

In the meantime, Bobby receives a call from Wendell telling him that he is so tired and that he can’t handle it anymore. It seems like he is high but Bobby is unable to reach him. The team gets called in to deal with another fire and Bobby realizes that Wendell is the victim.  He learns that Wendell lied about his trip to see his son. He probably went to a rehab facility near the area where he was found. Bobby feels sad that Wendell didn’t rely on him when he went to a dark place.

At home, Hen finds old photos and stuff from Eva. Denny asks to go through it alone and that worries Hen more. She calls Chimney, Eddie and Buck and they all talk about why they can’t sleep. Buck informs them that he is sperm donation helped his friends get pregnant. They don’t know whether to congratulate him and decide to call Bobby. Bobby doesn’t pick up as he is visiting the rehab centre. He believes something fishy happened but the rehab centre is not forthcoming with any information.

The next morning, Bobby decides to investigate the rehab centre by himself and Denny decides to reach out to his biological dad.

The Episode Review

It is clear the rehab centre is hiding something and I hope Bobby will discover it. It might be dangerous for him to investigate them on his own. He should tell Athena about his suspicions. I’m sure she won’t mind helping him. Better yet, he should speak to the officer in charge.

Denny might have awoken a sleeping dog but it is too early to tell. I am curious if the man is really his biological dad and what he will do next. This might lead to a custody battle among other things and Hen and Karen must be prepared for the tides that lay ahead. Honestly, some boxes are best left closed but it is understandable that Denny wants to learn about his biological parents.

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