9-1-1 – Season 6 Episode 7 “Cursed” Recap & Review


Episode 7 of 9-1-1 Season 6 starts with an actress, Felisa, receiving a bracelet she ordered online. The bracelet is supposed to be a relic from the old city of Pompeii and is meant to bring her good luck. However, as soon as she wears it, a chandelier falls on top of her. Maybe it is not the good luck charm she believes it is!

118 is dispatched to her home and they immediately stabilize her before getting the chandelier off her and rushing her to the hospital. Luckily, she has minor injuries much to the joy of her assistant Alexis. On the ride to the hospital, Felisa tells Chimney about how she is cursed and all about the expensive bracelet that is supposed to deliver her from bad luck. Chimney doesn’t care much about it but Eddie is suspicious of Alexis.

They head back to the station and Bobby has gone all-out for Hen’s welcome-back breakfast. The team is happy that Hen is back but is confused about Buck’s new diet. Buck secretly tells Hen that he is doing his best to eat healthily and abstain from sex for his scheduled sperm donation appointment. He confides in Hen that the process has not been easy as for the past month there have been extensive delays at the clinic and he is frustrated with how long the process is taking. Maybe he is the one with bad luck!

The next day, the team gets a call for an emergency at a spa. They arrive to find Felisa has suffered a waxing injury. They do their best to stabilize her and take her to the hospital. Chimney and Hen are certain she is cursed and that the bracelet bears bad luck.

On the other hand, Eddie is getting more suspicious of Alexis and asks Athena to investigate these so-called accidents that keep happening to Felisa. He explains that he has seen someone in his family being swindled and the case looks similar.

After dropping off Felisa at the hospital, Hen and Chimney discover that the bracelet fell off in their aid car and are afraid to touch it. Eddie thinks they are being ridiculous but as soon as he grabs it, a firefighter falls off a ladder due to leaking gasoline and Bobby is forced to evacuate the fire station. Hen and Chimney are now more certain that the bracelet is cursed and that it is spreading its bad energy at the station.

A few days later, they get another call to an ancient relic store and they find Alexis stabbed and the other people in the shop are all passed out. No one knows what happened to Alexis or how she got stabbed. Eddie’s suspicions continue to grow but he refrains from talking to Felisa about his thoughts on Alexis.

They get back to the fire station and Buck’s college roommate and his wife are hoping to speak to him. They are scared that Buck has changed his mind about helping them with their fertility problem. He assures them that he is still planning to donate his sperm but he has been having trouble managing his schedule and the delays at the clinic.

Their conversation is overheard by the rest of the team who are curious about Buck’s decision to be a sperm donor. Bobby tells the team that it is Buck’s personal decision and that they shouldn’t leave it alone.

Athena’s investigation into Felisa’s accidents and Alexis’ stabbing lead her to believe that someone is targeting Felisa. She also discovered that Alexis has been stealing from Felisa. They bring the evidence to Felisa but she refuses to believe that Alexis would plan to hurt her and says she can take care of herself.

As she leaves the hospital, she realizes that someone is following her car. She calls 9-1-1 and tries to get away but ends up driving into a construction truck and asphalt falls all over her car. Athena soon arrives and detains the man they believe is responsible for Felisa’s accident. They rescue her from her car and rush her to the hospital.

After her recovery, Eddie meets with her at the beach and tells her his story. He asks her to try and get past the traumatic moments in her life.

The episode ends with Buck rushing to the fertility clinic and is finally able to make his sperm donation.

The Episode Review

This episode was funny and engaging as Chimney and Hen dived into the conspiracy world but two glaring things happened. The first is that Bobby and the team didn’t have a deeper talk with Buck about his decision to donate his sperm. It seems a bit out-of-character that none of them checked in with Buck as they normally do about big life decisions.

Secondly, we can see that Eddie is healing and trying to get past his traumatic experiences. Eddie has been through hell and back, and for a while last season he dangled on a cliff but he is getting better. It is good to see that he and Christopher were at the beach which is a place that harbors painful memories for them.

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