9-1-1 – Season 6 Episode 6 “Tomorrow” Recap & Review


Episode 6 of 9-1-1 season 6 starts with a time jump to 2010 when Chimney sneakily sets up Hen and Karen on a date. Hen was still reeling from her breakup with Eva while Karen was a woman focused on her career and didn’t have time for anything else. They hit it off immediately and even though Hen is hesitant she can’t hide that she feels some things for Karen. I suppose we have Chimney to thank for giving us the magic that is Karen and Hen.

The flashback ends and we are back to the present time where Hen is having some residual concerns about whether she is ready to officially resign from 118. Karen is happy for them to start a new chapter of their life as Hen heads into her third year of medical school. This morning, she is also excited to be taking their son, Denny, to work with her. Denny is excited to be in the lab and marvels at all the ongoing projects the lab is doing.

As the episode proceeds, we are taken through many flashbacks of Hen and Karen’s relationship. It starts with how they first met and we learn it was not an easy journey even from the beginning. Hen was unsure if she is ready to be in a serious relationship after Eva stomped on her heart.

Karen had trouble coming to terms with Eva being a huge part of Hen’s life especially when Eva asked Hen to adopt her son. Karen didn’t think it would work out between them and feared that Hen was still in love with Eva because she could never tell her no. This caused them to break up but Chimney worked out his magic and brought them back together again. Karen realized that she loved Hen and she came back and they adopted Denny together. Of course, the couple has faced many hurdles since then but none so dire as the current life-and death-situation.

In the present time, a high-pressure tank explodes causing a fire in the lab. 118 is called to fight the fire and Hen wants to suit up and go in. Bobby reminds her that she is no longer a firefighter and is barred from going in. They go in and they are able to save Karen and escort her outside. At first, it seems that she just suffered from minor injuries and is in no imminent danger. This is until she faints and Hen realizes she has shrapnel in her stomach.

They rush her to the hospital and for a while, in the ambulance, it is touch and go as they try to revive her. Hen refuses to give up until they are able to get a normal rhythm and stabilize her. Luckily, the shrapnel only damaged her spleen and she will make a full recovery. Once she is discharged from the hospital, Hen tells her that she will not resign from her job as a firefighter.

The fire accident made her realize that she might lose Karen and she doesn’t want her life to change. She admits that she had never really thought about the sacrifices she would have to make to start a new career as a doctor. It will take her away from her family and she doesn’t want to do it anymore.

The Episode Review

This episode focused on Hen and Karen and I am grateful we get to see more about their relationship. It answered a lot of questions many viewers had about their relationship.

Our hearts skipped a bit when Karen was bottoming in the ambulance, we thought it was the end but she made it – phew!

I am also ecstatic that Hen chose to remain a firefighter and part of 118. It makes sense that Hen had never really thought about the reality of what being a medical student will mean. Sometimes we keep the eye on the goal so much that we can’t see anything else.

Are you happy that 118 is staying intact?

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