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Episode 7 of Zero begins with Omar and the others in hospital, refusing to answer questions about what happened to Momo. It was a close call but they’re all relieved to learn he’s still alive. Shariff confirms that his brother wasn’t responsible but the doctor is not so sure. In fact, she actually outright accuses them of being the culprits.

It’s all too much for Sara, who hits back at both Omar and Shariff for what’s happened between them all. As she leaves, all our characters go their separate ways for now.

Shariff heads home but her Mother wants nothing to do with him. Omar finds himself alone too, back doing deliveries at the pizzeria. He heads home and confronts his Father, asking him to hand over his ID. As he does, the man apologizes to Omar, confirming that he was the reason Omar’s Mother was taken away. Apparently, he did it for her own good. This seems to hint that he knew about the powers all this time.

After watching Awa play volleyball at school, Omar heads out and tries to stop Shariff from doing something stupid. He follows on his bike while Sharif rides the bus. He immediately brandishes a gun as he heads up to Rico’s house. However, Omar shows up and tackles the rage-fueled kid into the swimming pool.

Eventually the pair take off, as Omar confronts Shariff in private and manages to convince him to see sense.

In fact, the whole gang eventually come back together and decide to put their skills to good use. Preparing to fight back for Momo’s sake, the scene shifts to an intriguing little conclusion for this penultimate episode.

The casino owner shows up before Omar’s Father, who confirms that the two kids are “ready” now. What could this mean?

The Episode Review

Zero delivers the conventional “fallout” trope across its penultimate episode, leaving lots of questions leading into the season finale. In fact, the show has had a tendency of leaving these questions hanging for much of the run-time, with Omar’s powers being used sparingly and not really to great effect apart from the casino game earlier in the season.

Hopefully we get some answers leading into the season finale. Given the sheer number of other superhero series out there though, Zero is unfortunately not one to remember.

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