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Episode 6 of Zero begins in the aftermath of the attack on Shariff. His face is a swollen, purple mess as the group formulate a plan to hit back. With Omar able to turn invisible and boasting close ties to Anna, our protagonist is left with a big decision to make regarding Sirenetta.

At the pizzeria, Anna shows up to see Omar. She breaks the news that she’s got into school in Paris but Omar is in no mood to celebrate. He breaks the news that her Father is forcing the residents out of the complex.

He continues on, admitting that her Father been sending people to vandalize the place and force them out. Anna refuses to believe this and pedals the message that he’s innocent. Unfortunately this causes the pair to fall out.

When she leaves, Omar takes Awa to see an optician. Only, he takes Omar aside and talks about his Mother. Apparently she thought Awa was some sort of devil, hinting that she too could have superpowers.

Anna returns home and finds a surprise party for her upcoming scholarship. This is the last thing she wants, as she forces a pained smile and tries to get in the party spirit. Eventually though she takes her Father aside and confronts him. He admits the truth about what’s happening with Sirenetta but refuses to stop now he’s come this far. Anna is understandably shocked.

In the morning, Rico celebrates Adelita’s birthday. While the celebrations get underway, Anna’s Father and Rico talk about the current situation. As they do, Omar holds a phone and records the entire conversation, invisible in the corner of the room.

He hands over a whole stack of cash to Rico and tells him to sort out the mysterious kids in town. And just like that, Omar suddenly appears and bolts out the window. He charges up the street with the gang and tries to evade his pursuers.

They’re followed by Rico and the others though, who ram the car and eventually stab Momo in the back with a knife. The big man drops to the ground, as Sara stands over him and calls out for help.

The Episode Review

Zero starts to break its own worldbuilding in a bid to inject some excitement into the story. How is it that Omar can record their conversation when we’ve already established that electronics go haywire when he’s about?

If Omar isn’t alone in this superpowered world, who else is out there? And how many superpowered kids are being hidden away?

There are a lot of questions left unanswered and so far Zero has been a relatively indifferent when it comes to superhero action. The inconsistent use of powers doesn’t help, while the supporting players haven’t had a lot to work with. Hopefully things can pick up for the final two episodes.

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