Zero – Season 1 Episode 8 (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review

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The season 1 finale of Zero starts with Awa approached by the casino owner. She reveals that her name is Virgin and she wants to help. In fact, she tells Awa not to hold back and to let her emotions flow next time she becomes overwhelmed.

Meanwhile, the video Omar shot at Rico’s house has been uploaded online. You know, the video that technically shouldn’t work because of Omar’s powers. Anyway, on the back of this Rico is arrested. Anna’s Father however, is let go based on reputation alone. According to him, Omar has now put Anna’s life in danger. His bosses are not going to be happy and they’ll be coming for her now.

With the Sirenetta plan a bust, Omar returns to the neighbourhood to celebrate. As day turns to night, Omar heads out on his bike and rides through the beautiful streets of Italy.

Omar heads up to see Anna but there’s a problem. She’s been kidnapped by Virgin and her cronies. Omar grabs the side of the car though and hitches a ride with them up to the estate. They must have been driving for a while though, as the scene cuts and dawn breaks. Omar follows from afar and tries to find an opportune time to strike.

He follows Anna upstairs, where she’s gagged and tied to a chair. While she struggles to break free, Omar makes his move. He finally reveals his powers to Anna and manages to get rid of the guards in the process.

Omar winds up distracted by a painting though, and while hugging Anna manages to turn them both invisible. How? Who knows. Anyway, he carries her to safety, far enough away from the house that police can take her.

At the hospital, the Virgin arrives and talks to Omar while he’s invisible. She confirms that the stakes are high and she can help him save his sister. With Awa’s blindness progressing, Omar is left with a big choice to make.

Things take a turn for the worst with Awa. While out walking, she notices Roby up on the rooftop kissing her boyfriend. Taking the Virgin’s words to heart, she blinds the boy in rage. This leads Roby to fall backwards in shock, straight off the roof and falling to her doom. When Awa sees, a thin smile crosses her face.

Omar eventually hitches a ride with the Virgin and winds up at a strange ceremony with numerous people holding torches and chanting. Among those in attendance is Omar’s Mother! How did this happen? We’ll have to wait and see if this one is renewed for season 2!

The Episode Review

Zero bows out its first season with a pretty lacklustre finale. To make matters worse, Awa’s character development has been rushed and completely underwhelming.

From such a sweet and caring girl to suddenly being happy her best friend has died, this character jump feels far too sudden and abrupt.

In fact, that could be said for the majority of the plot points in this first season. Omar’s invisibility could have gone in a number of different directions but instead it’s used sparingly and at odds with the rules in this world we’ve been led to believe.

We were told early on that Omar couldn’t use his powers around electronics. The second half of this series though suddenly abandons that in favour of wrapping up this Sirenetta story as quickly as possible.

Shariff’s plot line gets very little resolution beyond a hug with his Mum, while the rest of Shariff’s gang get very little to work with. What happened to the potential romance between Sara and Shariff? What about Inno’s footballing career and paperwork? What happened to Momo?

Instead of all this, the series throws that out in favour of a prophetic look at these superhero children, with no clear indication as to how or why this has occurred.

Unfortunately this first season doesn’t have enough to sustain itself and I’ll be surprised if this is renewed for a second season. Then again, stranger things have happened. If the Netflix gods of cancellation do look favorably on this one, let’s hope a follow-up is a little more consistent than this.

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