Yumi’s Cells – Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Review


Episode 5 of Yumi’s Cells Season 2 starts with Woong reminiscing on times with Yumi. It’s all one big dream though and soon paves way for these messages between him and Yumi. The actual identity of Yumi is hidden on this site, as the pair negotiate over the price of the rice cooker.

This paves way for the meeting on Christmas Eve, where Woong is staving off depression; her has no home, friends or lovers to share this time with. And then, Yumi shows up.

Their meeting is brief, with Yumi handing over the rice cooker and hurriedly leaving, with Woong left to contemplate what could have been. Woong understands why she’s acting like this, given how they broke up, but he’s still disappointed.

As for Yumi it’s Christmas time in Cell Land and Love Cell arrives at the worst time. Having just got over Woong, her emotions are tested to their max. All the different cells have an alternate way to handle this, but upon checking the “ex boyfriend” book, they decide to keep things short and sweet. At least… that’s the initial plan.

In reality Yumi finds herself looking into Woong’s life further. There, she learns that Woong’s business has closed down a week after they broke up. She’s concerned that she wasn’t there when he needed her…but of course that’s not the real story. In reality, Woong actually lied to her.

Woong actually lost his job before they broke up and started working at his friend’s firm instead. His pride gets the better of him and he couldn’t tell his girlfriend.

Bobby has shown so far to be the perfect guy and we cut to him cooking for her. Unfortunately, Yumi’s mood has been destroyed thanks to meeting Woong. Sensitivity Cell leads the march, with rain pouring down, the electrics shorting out, and the Cell admitting that she’s thinking about Woong.

Yumi shows up at Bobby’s all the same and starts cooking with him. It’s all smiles and joy…until “patdol” messages her. He wants to meet and tell her something, but given it’s right in the middle of her meet with Booby, she contemplates whether to send a message telling him she’s with her boyfriend. She doesn’t, as it happens, and instead she decides to go and meet him.

Bobby is actually aware that this Patdol is Woong, having figured it out earlier. He’s pretty mature about the whole thing, despite worrying she could get back with him. “Hurry and come back!” He says cheerfully.

Having trusted Yumi, she shows up and tells him the truth; she’s dating and it’s been some time since it started. She hands back his poster. So naturally, Woong heads home and begins steaming his buns in the rice cooker, thinking over Yumi’s last words, which include her apologizing for not knowing how rough he had it in the past. She also tells him it’s too late for them to reconcile and get back together.

Yumi returns to Bobby’s, where she greets him with a big smile. Bobby takes her inside and the pair drink wine and share the pizza they’ve been cooking together.

The Episode Review

It’s always tough seeing your ex again after a big breakup, especially if things ended in a rather sour way. This episode does a good job encapsulating the conflicting feelings you can feel when seeing that person again, although Yumi does the sensible thing and lets Woong know, properly, that there’s no chance they’ll get back together.

Seeing Woong’s Cells look on in devastation at the past events, mapping out the journey to this break-up, is pretty tough. Woong’s problem has always been his pride and this episode he acknowledges that. The fact he lied about his company to Yumi before they broke up is a pretty major factor, and hopefully Woong can find some happiness now and move past his feelings with Yumi.

With Christmas vibes aplenty, this chapter ends on a high as Bobby’s trust in Yumi pays dividends. He’s put his faith in her to return and she does just that, which is a really nice touch.

This second season has been just as good as the first, ad this episode encapsulates why. There’s just the right amount of humour to balance out the drama and unlike the first season’s abundance of second-hand embarrassment, there feels like a much more rounded dose of drama instead.

With two episodes this week as per usual, thankfully we don’t have to wait too long to find out what happens next!

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