Yumi’s Cells – Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Review

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Episode 6 of Yumi’s Cells Season 2 begins with a look at Yumi’s new life. She’s pretty satisfied with her life, including how she’s writing her novel and meeting Bobby for lunch at subway (of course, it is, it’s always subway!)

After meeting her boyfriend, she runs into Ruby who’s convinced she showed up because she missed her. Yi-Da is also there too and the trio head out for lunch, where they suss out that Yumi is dating someone.

Ruby also confirms that Bobby is dating, although they bring up how it could be his ex-girlfriend. After some hilarious shouting, Yumi gets back on-track with her writing.

She’s taking writing classes and even reading a lot as well. However, she’s worried about the outcome of her life and what will happen if she runs out of money and doesn’t win the competition. Meeting her old friend Eun-hee doesn’t help either, as she’s worried and concerned that she’s quit her job.

That night, Yumi ends up having a pig dream. The Cells aren’t sure what this means but Yumi soon susses out that this is to do with the writing competition. Unfortunately, she doesn’t win. She’s understandably disappointed, although she tries to psyche herself up, pointing out that this was her first competition and she needs to keep persevering. So she keeps writing.

That night, Bobby shows up to make her feel better, although he doesn’t mention the writing competition loss at all. However, Yumi’s parents suddenly show up as well. Yumi’s father seems happy but unfortunately he uses the “handshake of fury” to show how annoyed he is, crushing Bobby’s fingers.

Yumi’s Mum on the other hand, is the complete opposite and she’s super happy. Yumi is really worried things won’t go to plan, and that her mother will embarrass him.

Yumi’s father tries to show himself to be an alpha male, quizzing Bobby over his exercise and even trying to oust him at dinner over whether he’s a picky eater (he’s not.) However, more drama ensues when Yumi’s father tries to fix a shelf. Bobby offers to take over but it’s clear that he’s worried about losing Yumi as his daughter. Eventually though he concedes, especially when Bobby takes him to the hospital.

The drama then turns to finding out who Bobby’s father is. According to Yumi’s mother, Bobby’s courteous manner means he’s a rich family’s heir. Yumi overhears her boyfriend on the phone and realizes that he’s an heir to his father’s business. Bobby and his dad don’t get on and he doesn’t want to inherit the business.

This sparks up Yumi’s inspiration as she begins imagining scenarios in her head. Maybe Yumi is going to be a drama writer? Well, when Bobby returns, Yumi learns he’s actually a successor to Bobby’s street food. Bobby’s father owns a restaurant, not some crazy rich company after all!

The pair end up kissing and getting hot and heavy that night, including a historic adventure in landing on planet H2, or more commonly referred to as “Left Buttock.” Anyway, the pair do fall asleep together and it seems everything is on the way up for Yumi.

The Episode Review

The planet landing scene is probably the funniest moment of the whole second season so far. We’ve seen glimmers of Naughty Cell just sporadically popping up with silly quips but this time he gets his time to shine.

Meanwhile, the whole episode works well to showcase Bobby’s slight concern toward making a big impression with Yumi’s parents. That handshake is hilarious, and as someone who has been on the receiving end of it, he did well to stave it off.

This episode works as a direct contrast to episode 5, which felt like severing ties to the past. Episode 6 though is much more focused on a new journey with Bobby, which seems to be a much brighter romantic prospect!

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