Yumi’s Cells – Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Review


Episode 4 of Yumi’s Cells Season 2 picks up right where we left off. Bobby and Yumi end up kissing, prompting Bobby and Yumi’s Tongue Cells to meet together in Cell Land. It’s a brief visit, as one would expect, but it also allows us to jump back to see Yumi and Bobby together.

As a result of the night’s antics, Yumi’s Naughty Cell ends up running around Cell Land, happily chirping about what’s to come next. After applying facemasks, the electricity suddenly cuts out in the flat.

Yumi rings Bobby who invites her to stay at his place. Only, she completely forgets to take off the facemasks beforehand and even worse, the only pyjamas she’s brought with her is a small top.

Bobby offers to give her some pyjamas but he only gives her the top. Yumi gets dressed but she’s visibly uncomfortable. There’s some second-hand embarrassment here in the form of Yumi misinterpreting Bobby (especially when he brings her some trousers) and thinking dirty thoughts, but she eventually falls asleep on the sofa while Bobby is washing up.

Bobby puts a cover over her and smiles, before doing the same thing himself. The pangs of love begin to spread – for both Bobby and Yumi.

The pair head off together to the book café later on, which they both discussed last episode, and talk about their future. They also talk about writing too, although Yumi enjoys the surroundings and decides they should go to this bookstore more often in the future. It certainly helps to reframe her direction in life, especially if an upcoming Web Novel Contest is anything to go by.

Yumi heads back to see her parents but this, combined with talking to Bobby, makes her mind up and she decides to hand in a letter of resignation. It comes out the blue, but she decides to go all-in with writing fiction from here on out. This is something she’s always dreamed about, and through some gentle persuasion with her younger self, she’s convinced this is the right thing.

As Christmas rolls round, Yumi tries to stay cool when Bobby invites her over to his place to eat. She admits this would be more favourable and tries to keep it together. When she heads outside for some air, she’s super happy. Alone, Bobby can’t stop smiling.

Yumi’s good mood soon dissipates though when she receives a call from her landlord later that night. Her rent is going up and she’s going to struggle to pay it. It also means she’s going to be dipping into her savings a lot more.

After winning a rice cooker from her writing, Yumi decides to sell it online in the hope that she can get Bobby a good present. Although there is a buyer, he wants a $10 discount. Yumi shoots him down… but then has second thoughts.

After buying Bobby’s gift, the pair head out together and buy a cake together. However, the rice cooker buyer returns and agrees to the $5 discount that Yumi offered earlier on. When she shows up at the meet spot, intending to sell the rice cooker, the buyer happens to be… Woong. Oh dear!

The Episode Review

So the inevitable has happened and Yumi ends up with Woong outside with the rice cooker. he’s the buyer but if that’s the case, did he know all along that it was Yumi? We’ll have to wait and see but this is obviously going to cause all sorts of conflicting feelings for Yumi.

If that preview for the next episode is anything to go by, it appears we may be moving into love triangle territory!

Either way, this episode continues to develop both Yumi and Bobby’s ties together, with some funny moments over at Bobby’s apartment. Seeing Yumi misinterpret what he’s saying is a great inclusion, as is the introduction to Bobby’s Cell Land too.

Either way though, Yumi’s Cells has been just as enjoyable in this second season, which leaves the door wide open for where this one may go next.

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  1. Me thinks she’ll end up with the guy who used to have a one sided love with her – checkout the manga webtoon version

  2. I still feel Woong is the ONE! The series will play out her relationship with Babi and Woong will be the endgame….I HOPE!

    Babi is a little too perfect and I guess I’m the suspicious type. Woong has his pride issues but in the end he did finally put her first on his priority list.

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