Yumi’s Cells – Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Heart Fever

Episode 3 of Yumi’s Cells Season 2 starts with Ruby wondering whether to set up Bobby with a reporter who’s both smart and good looking. Yumi is quiet, especially after believing she’s blown her chances with Bobby by claiming they should just be friends. Of course, as we found out from the previous episode, Bobby is also on the verge of going for a blind date too.

On the night of Bobby’s  date, Yu-Mi thinks over whether to message him or not. However, when she checks her phone she notices she actually fell asleep and missed a text from Bobby coming through! He wants to return her umbrella.

Thankfully he’s still awake when Yumi messages and they agree to meet at 10am. The Cells set to work trying to make sure they don’t blow this with Bobby and shine so they can actually get together after all and not be relegated to the friend-zone.

10am arrives and the pair meet together. They have coffee but Bobby ends up with a message which Yumi believes is from his date. Only, Ruby rings and completely squashes that. It turns out Bobby actually cancelled his date because he wasn’t ready yet. That’s the effect Yumi has had on him!

Asa result, Sensitivity Cell launches Heart Fever, which is a sort of power that allows Yumi to feel love even within Love cell there. So as she starts glowing, Yumi races into the park and tries to chase Bobby.

The effect is only temporary though, but this whole scenario – the one where she was rejected in season 1 – plays out in the same way. It’s a lovely throwback to the past, with Yumi throwing the frisbee back and beating that same runner in a foot race.

Yumi tells the truth to Bobby this time, deciding that she likes him and wants to get to know him. Fast forward one week and the pair start hanging out and dating. Things are going great but Love Cell is too worried about being hurt again to fully commit and go all-in. Begrudgingly, Love Cell does surrender to the idea of being with Bobby, but remains guarded.

The pair date, but while out together, Yumi tumbles into Bobby’s arms after falling down the stairs. Yumi is flustered, especially after being so close to him, and in the car that only exacerbates her feelings. In fact, when Bobby gives her a mint, she interprets it as him wanting to kiss.

Her suspicions are correct and the pair kiss together in the car. A wormhole opens up in Cell Land. Now, Love Cell is concerned and worried that Yumi may get hurt again, and heads through to check out Bobby’s Cell Land. It’s very different to Woong’s frogs and this time, there’s even a big ol’ dance number to greet her too!

The Episode Review

Yumi’s Cells continues to do a great job bringing Bobby and Yumi together, with the introduction of the Cell Land at the end a nice touch too. It’s understandable that her Love Cell is being cautious and guarded, especially as we know she’s been hurt badly in the past before by Woong.

There continues to be some good throwbacks to the past as well, especially those moments in the park with the frisbee and the runner. These moments of nostalgia work really well and help to bridge the gap between the past and present.

Yumi’s Cells has been a really enjoyable watch thus far and the second season has been just as good as the first. As mentioned before, there’s far less second-hand embarrassment this time, and a much more defined purpose and desire to show naturally blossoming love. Will Yumi open up and allow herself to feel that with Bobby?

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