Yumi’s Cells – Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review

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Episode 2 of Yumi’s Cells Season 2 starts with the Cells in Cell Land over-analyzing Bobby’s words. With Detective Cell on the scene, he’s concerned but with Yumi’s self-esteem rising, the other Cells hurry into the hospital to see Love Cell.  However, she’s still in a coma from what happened with Woong.

They can’t do anything without Love’s permission and, also, she doesn’t want this to be a rebound. So because of this, they’re going to have to reject Bobby’s offer.

Things are awkward at work after though, as Yumi only manages to get a few words from Bobby as a greeting. She interprets this as him being annoyed with her and ends up deliberating over what’s going on.

Believing he’s super sad over the rejection, she decides to try and ignore him going forward. Unfortunately, Yumi misses her alarm and ends up running for the bus. But… she misses it.

Instead, she ends up seeing Bobby and his ex across the street. He touches her arm, and Yumi interprets this as the pair dating again. Thanks to slightly messy hair and make-up, Detective Cell believes that she got ready at his place…and stayed the night.

Of course, Yumi doesn’t know any of this for sure and is letting her imagination get the better of her.

Yumi ends up being cold toward Bobby at work because of this, which only becomes more awkward that night when Yumi ends up out drinking and eating with Ruby, Yi-Da…and Bobby.

Yumi shows her brilliance though, managing to order a good amount of food and drink, working her way around the menu. While there, Ruby asks Bobby about his love life, but he mentions that he was recently rejected, which is a little awkward. He doesn’t namedrop Yumi though.

When the night ends, the pair end up getting the bus home together, with everything awkward and Yumi annoyed. Bobby tries to spark up a conversation but when that fails, eventually decides to get off, realizing he’s making her uncomfortable. Yumi is shocked that he’d do something like that for her.

As a result, Bobby rings and tells Yumi it’s a big misunderstanding what’s happening with his ex. He asks her to wait for him… and she does! She gets off at the next stop and the pair end up chatting. “I wish the bus didn’t come.” Bobby says, clearly liking the time they’re together. And as he says those words, Love Cell seems to wake up.

However, it’s the other Cells who begin to double down on romantic feelings for Bobby after this. Yumi tries to keep herself in check and even rejects Bobby’s offer for lunch. He probes her over Yumi’s true feelings though, hoping they can still be friends. He even buys her lunch to and returns it to her desk.

These little moments continue through the episode, with the pair meeting while out shopping. As it starts raining, Bobby and Yumi share Yumi’s fried egg umbrella and he takes her back home again.

Yumi’s feelings start to intensify… but Ruby rings and informs her that Bobby is going on a blind date after all. She’s clearly a little jealous and when she asks him, Bobby confirms as much. The disappointment is written all over Yumi’s face.

The Episode Review

There are so many great moments in this second episode and everything here points toward Bobby being the perfect guy. It makes sense that Yumi has her guard up and she doesn’t want to get hurt, and I’d imagine Bobby is aware of her breakup and how hard that’s been on her.

It would appear that he too has seen her status with the crying emoji and his encouraging “hang in there” could well be in reference to this.

Bobby has some great moments in this episode that help build his character. Whether it be letting himself get drenched so Yumi stays dry or getting off the bus so she’s not uncomfortable, he really is such an amazing guy.

I’d imagine this storyline will be dragged out across the season, although with only 14 episodes it’s a little disappointing we haven’t got the full 16 to play with!

Yumi’s Cells continues to balance out these moments with some hilarious segments. Seeing Yumi “running” through the park just so she can see Bobby is one such example, although the sales department meet was equally as funny.

This second season has been less second-hand embarrassment on the humour front and much more organic and cute instead, which is a nice change of pace. It’s actually quite smart too, being able to subtly change the style with a new relationship.

Yumi’s Cells is shaping up to be just as good in this second season, and the ending certainly hints that envy and jealousy are going to play a part next week!

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