Young Sheldon – Season 6 Episode 18 Recap & Review

Little Green Men And A Fella’s Marriage Proposal

Episode 18 of Young Sheldon season 6 picks up where the last one left off. George Jr. proposes to Mandy but he catches her off guard, and she is too overwhelmed to say yes to him. George, on the other hand, is hurt and leaves.

Sheldon and his father sit and watch Star Trek. His mother then walks in, and Sheldon proceeds to explain the premise of the show to her. Mary asks him if he believes in aliens, and he tells her that it is a possibility given that there are planets where other life forms can survive.

Mary speaks with George Jr. when he returns home. George tells Mary that he broke up with Amber after she inquires about his date. Mary believes it might be a good thing because Mandy seems to like him. George Jr. tries to test the waters by asking Mary if he should propose to Mandy, but Mary tells him that it will scare her away. George realizes he took the step too quickly and adjusts.

After the events of the previous night, Mandy is upset that George didn’t visit and show up for Cece the following morning. Meemaw asks Mandy to give George some time to come to terms.

Meanwhile, Britney Perkins asks Billy out on a date, and Brenda overhears their conversation. Brenda then asks Missy about Britney, and Missy tells her that Britney is pranking Billy.

Sheldon wants to find out if aliens exist on other planets, so he meets with Professor Linkletter and then Professor Sturgis. However, they both refuse to participate in his study because other researchers might mock their thesis. Sheldon then collaborates with Professor Prakash after he agrees to take a chance given that finding evidence of alien life could be groundbreaking.

Billy tells Missy that Britney has asked him out. He’s going to sneak out though because Brenda won’t let him go on a date given that he’s too young. Missy then reveals that Britney is pranking him because she has planned a party on that day. Missy then offers to watch a movie with Billy. Meanwhile, Mandy takes Cece to the hospital for shots, where George Jr shows up. They then have an argument, which makes the doctor uncomfortable.

Dr. Prakash and Sheldon work on their research, and after a while, Dr. Sturgis and Dr. Linkletter conclude that, given Sheldon’s brilliant mind, they will miss out on a groundbreaking study if he finds data to support his argument. Dr. Sturgis and Dr. Linkletter then join Sheldon and Dr. Prakash in their research.

Missy receives a phone call from Britney, who invites her to the party. Missy pauses for a moment, remembering that she has to go to watch a movie with Billy that day. She does, however, accept the invitation.

Mandy and George are on their way home from the hospital. Mandy accidentally locks Cece in the car while leaving the keys in the car. They both freak out for a moment, but George Jr ends up unlocking the door by bringing hangers from his laundromat. Thereafter, Mandy and George come to terms with their feelings.

Missy tells Billy that she has been invited to Britney’s party, so Billy encourages her to attend instead of doing the noble thing.

The Episode Review

Sheldon’s incredible quest to find alien life is the main theme of the episode. Missy, on the other hand, must choose between going to watch a movie with Billy and attending Britney’s party. Meanwhile, Mandy chooses to address Georgie’s marriage proposal, however her response isn’t the one that will make him or the audience happy.

The episode feels more like a filler though, as though the writers are just dragging things along and preparing to drop a twist later in the season. We were entertained by the previous episode but this one fails to deliver and slows down the show yet again.

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