Young Sheldon – Season 6 Episode 19 Recap & Review

A New Weather Girl and a Stay-at-Home Coddler

Sheldon runs into a classmate who is overjoyed because she has been accepted into her summer program. Until now, Sheldon has assumed that everything in his life is in order. When he realizes that the competition at his desired Caltech is fierce and he must have project experience to back up his academic excellence in order to be admitted, he panics.

Sheldon confronts Dr. Linkletter and Dr. Sturgis about why they didn’t warn him about the projects and extra programs. They remind him, however, that they did try to tell him but Sheldon has been such a know-it-all that he refused to listen.

Mandy and Meemaw are watching the news at Meemaw’s house. Cece begins to cry, and Mandy rushes over to comfort her. When Mandy runs into George Jr after a while, she tells him about how she’s going to apply for a job at a local news channel. Following that, he demotivates her by implying that she has to take care of Cece, which upsets her.

Sheldon attempts to apply for summer programs but is told that he has missed the deadline. Sheldon tells Mary about the obstacle on the way home. Following that, he blames Mary for constantly calling him smart, which led to him not taking the initiative.

The Coopers discourage Mandy from applying for the job at dinner, mentioning her responsibilities to care for the baby. Mandy informs Meemaw that the Coopers have a problem with her working, so Meemaw encourages her to apply for the job.

Mandy is on her way to shop for her interview and she leaves Cece with George Jr. Meanwhile, Sheldon discusses his concerns with his principal and requests that the university create a brand new summer program. She, on the other hand, refuses to help him.

George Jr takes Cece to the gambling room and he ends up making some extra money because of her. Meemaw then tells him that if he wants to have a future with Mandy, he must be supportive of her career.

Sheldon is concerned that he will be accepted a year late into Caltech. No one, including Dr. Sturgis, Dr. Linkletter, and Missy, take his concerns seriously though.

George Jr returns home with Cece. He then encourages Mandy to take the job if she gets it. Mandy appears skeptical, but he encourages her to try. Meanwhile, Dr. Sturgis assists Sheldon in getting into a summer program, however, the program is in Germany.

The Episode Review

The young genius, who ponders over his future plans after college, is the central focus throughout the episode. Georgie and Mandy receive a lot of attention in addition to Sheldon here too. Although their romance hasn’t really changed since his unplanned wedding proposal, the couple is now faced with difficulties regarding their future co-parenting plans.

Missy is noticeably angrier and more brutal in her comments here too. She’s been sarcastic throughout the years, but not typically this grumpy. Her mounting annoyance with Sheldon supports this observation. Additionally, we learn that Mary and George are sharing a bed. They also seem to be getting along again.

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