Young Sheldon – Season 6 Episode 17 Recap & Review

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Episode 17 of Young Sheldon season 6 begins with George Jr and Meemaw talking and playing with Cece. Meemaw then reminds Mandy that George Jr’s birthday is on Saturday. George Jr tells Mandy not to get him anything as Cece is his gift but following that, George Jr goes to work.

Missy is grounded because she previously ran away from home. She is also forbidden from watching television, listening to music, or going out. Mary asks George Sr and Sheldon to keep an eye on Missy while she goes to work. Missy tries to persuade George Sr to let her watch her show after Mary leaves for work because everyone will be talking about it on Monday. However, he refuses.

Mandy asks Meemaw to make George Jr.’s favorite food for his birthday, and she agrees, while at work, Brenda tries to talk to Mary and even brings her coffee to make amends, but Mary brushes her aside and refuses to speak with her. Brenda tries to speak with Mary yet again, and this time she flips out. Brenda asks Mary to express her anger, but she’s had enough and Mary actually quits her job. When Mary returns home, despite not knowing what happened, George Sr sides with her in a fight with Brenda. He also tries to make things right by being loving. Mary, on the other hand, feels frustrated with him.

Meanwhile, Missy tries to watch her show at home, but Sheldon won’t let her. Sheldon suggests she watch the show in her head. Sheldon goes to Missy’s room and tries to explain what happened in her show as he watches it for her. Sheldon is unable to understand and tell her what happened because he lacks the ability to understand basic social and emotional cues. Instead, he goes on to tell her about minor events that don’t really matter. In return, Missy teaches him how to interpret what’s going on based on music cues and the body language of the characters.

Mary explains why she is upset with George Sr. to Mandy. Mandy then asks her to bake a cake for George Jr’s birthday. George Jr then returns home. Mandy tells him about the birthday party they planned for him, but he goes on to tell her that Amber is taking him out on his birthday. He requests that the family dinner be held the day after his birthday, and Mandy agrees.

Mary is baking a cake for George’s birthday when Brenda pays her a visit. Mary refuses to speak with Brenda though but the latter forces her to talk. Mary lashes out after Brenda continues to trigger her.

On George Jr’s birthday, he goes on a date with Amber. However, he appears to prefer staying at home with his baby and Mandy. Meanwhile, Sheldon tells Missy everything that happened on her show at home, and the two appear to bond.

Mary expresses her disappointment with Brenda. Brenda tells her that she only used to talk to George and that nothing else happened. Brenda explains to her that sometimes it’s just easier to talk to someone else, and they bond as a result.

George returns home early, but when Mandy asks about his date, he tells her that he ended the relationship because he wanted to be with her and his daughter. Following that, they end up kissing, prompting George to ask her hand in marriage.

The Episode Review

This has to be the most exciting episode of the season, and it appears that the show is finally on the right track, addressing issues that matter. The conversation between Mary and Brenda was unexpected and, in truth, refreshing. It was impressive to see how maturely they handled the situation at hand.

The episode concludes with George Jr. proposing to Mandy as well. We’ve seen in recent episodes that Mandy has developed feelings for George so it’ll be interesting to see what happens in the upcoming episodes.

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