Young Sheldon – Season 6 Episode 15 Recap & Review

Teen Angst and a Smart-Boy Walk of Shame

Episode 15 of Young Sheldon season 6 begins with Missy blasting music in her room, enraged at George Sr for failing to pick her up from school.

George explains that Mandy went into labor and he missed it because of the chaos. Missy then asks George where her mother is. George informs her that Mary will be staying at Meemaw’s house that night. George walks away, unable to answer her questions, while Missy continues to blast music.

George Jr. and Mandy are on their way home from the hospital with their newborn baby. They have some friendly banter on their drive home. Meanwhile, Missy prepares breakfast for George Sr since Mary is staying at Meemaw’s house. Missy inquires about Mary as well as George’s relationship with Brenda, but George refuses to respond.

Sheldon arrives at university, embarrassed to be walking around campus because his grant database was a failure. He believes that everyone is making fun of him, but Dr. Sturgis tries to persuade him that no one cares. Dr. Sturgis also tries to motivate him, but it is futile.

When her baby is crying, Mandy cannot seem to calm him down. Mary eventually gets the baby to stop crying. Meanwhile, Sheldon appears disappointed at the university because his grant database failed. Dr. Sturgis tries to cheer him up, but nothing seems to work.

Missy pays Mandy and the baby a visit. Missy tries to talk to Mandy about her parents’ situation, but Mandy dismisses her and she walks away.

Sheldon requests that George Sr teach him how to play baseball in order to become accustomed to failure. His first throw, much to Sheldon and George’s surprise, is quite good.

Mary is sleeping in Meemaw’s bed at her house. Meemaw tries to persuade Mary that she needs to face her problems and work on her marriage, but Mary says she needs some space, so they go to bed after engaging in some banter.

Missy is questioning Billy about Brenda and George Sr at school. Missy lashes out and talks down to her teacher when she is asked not to talk during the test. After the teacher complained about Missy’s behavior, Mary and George pick her up from school. Instead of talking to their child, Mary, and George lash out at Missy.

Sheldon goes over to Meemaw’s house to try to calm the baby down as an experiment. To Mandy’s surprise, he manages to calm the baby down and then walks away. Thereafter, Sheldon pays a visit to Dr. Linkletter’s office to speak with him. After some banter, he is asked to leave Dr. Linkletter’s office.

Mary and George Sr discuss Brenda and Pastor Rob. They both admit to having feelings for other people. Mary then asks him what happens next, and he says he doesn’t know.

Mandy is frustrated because she can’t get her daughter to stop crying. She informs George Jr. that their child despises her. George Jr. calms her down with some lighthearted banter.

Sheldon confides in Mary about his failure and his fear. Mary explains things and hugs him to calm the guy down. Missy watches and becomes enraged and jealous. As a result, she packs her belongings and leaves the house.

The Episode Review

This episode reinforces that the life of the main character is about to take a dark turn. A few of the revelations that were made on The Big Bang Theory several years ago are increasingly becoming true.

To begin with, George, Sheldon’s father, started drinking more following the time he and Mary shut down even more. We are also aware of its course since Sheldon hinted on the main show that his dad had a drinking problem.

In addition, we know that he found him in bed with a different woman, who could be Brenda. All of this builds to George’s eventual demise, which this series will ultimately have to deal with—unless it deviates from The Big Bang Theory’s plot, which is also entirely possible.

This is a challenging aspect of the show; while it is a sitcom and there are bound to be chuckles, there are unquestionably going to be plenty of challenging times for a few of these characters.

The other story arc involves Missy leaving her house after feeling abandoned and completely overlooked. All the others left her at school alone while they got caught up in their own lives. Furthermore, they didn’t even check in on her throughout the day. She perceived that her parents paid more attention to Georgie as well as Sheldon over her.

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