Young Sheldon – Season 6 Episode 16 Recap & Review

A Stolen Truck and Going on the Lam

Episode 16 of Young Sheldon season 6 begins with Missy sneaking out of the house, stealing her father’s car, and fleeing with Paige.

The following morning, Sheldon wakes George Sr and requests that he make him some bacon because Mary is staying with Meemaw. After a while, George Sr knocks on Missy’s door to give her breakfast, but he receives no response because she is not in the room. He believes Missy is upset with him and is giving him the silent treatment, so he lets her be.

Missy and Paige are having a great time, eating breakfast in a café. They don’t pay and leave for Florida afterwards.

Meanwhile, at home, Mary comes home to get a few things because she notices George’s truck isn’t in the garage and assumes he’s not at home. When George Sr discovers that his truck is missing from the garage where he kept it, he calls the cops. When a cop arrives, he questions everyone. When Mary goes to Missy’s room to talk to her, they discover that she is missing. However, they connect the dots and conclude that Missy stole George’s truck and left.

Missy and Paige are having a good time and breaking a lot of rules on their way to Florida. Meanwhile, everyone in her house is concerned about her. Sheldon informs his parents that he believes Missy left with Paige after some investigation. When Mary calls Paige’s mother, they discover that Sheldon was right.

Meanwhile, Missy and Paige are apprehended by a cop because they are two underage children driving in a car with no adults. Missy confesses as soon as the cop catches them, and they subsequently call Missy’s parents to inform them of her whereabouts. Following that, Mary and George accompany Paige’s mother to pick them up.

On the way to pick up the kids, Missy’s parents argue with each other, and then they argue with Paige’s mother because she suggested that they see a marriage counselor. Furthermore, George Sr does not intend to address the root cause of Missy’s leaving, which is her feeling overlooked by the family. Instead, he declares that he will discipline her harshly. Mary tries to persuade him to deal with it differently, but he refuses to listen.

George and Mary impose many restrictions on Missy after picking her up and driving her home, including not communicating with Paige. George informs her that he will be closely monitoring her every move.

The Episode Review

The episode focuses on Missy and how she feels ignored by her parents. It’s heartbreaking to see the children, especially Missy, suffer as a result of her parents’ strained relationship and inability to prioritize their children.

The chapter concludes with Mary and George taking Missy back with them and imposing numerous restrictions on her. Given her age, it will be interesting to see whether she retaliates or listens to them in the upcoming episodes.

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