Young Sheldon – Season 6 Episode 14 Recap & Review

A Launch Party and a Whole Human Being

Episode 14 of Young Sheldon season 6 opens with the Cooper family engaging in some banter while discussing Sheldon’s big day, his party: when his team will post that his database is live on UserNet.

George Jr. and Mandy talk about their soon-to-be-born baby daughter. They like the name Alice for her, but they disagree on the child’s surname. Following that, they have a lighthearted argument, and Mandy ends up thanking George for all of his help.

Brenda walks into Mary’s workplace and asks for her check. Following that, Mary attempts to inquire about Brenda’s mystery man, and Brenda alerts her about her intrusion.

Pastor Rob calls Mary and invites her to lunch. Mary accepts his lunch invitation in front of Brenda but Brenda then questions Mary about what’s going on with her and Pastor Rob, and Mary forces herself to brush the subject aside.

When George Jr. goes to buy a car seat for his baby, the salesman scares him into purchasing an expensive one. Meanwhile, as her water breaks, Mandy calls the Cooper house and requests to speak with George or any adult. Sheldon answers the phone and informs her that neither George Jr. nor anyone else is currently there. Sheldon inquires about what happened, and Mandy informs him of her situation. Sheldon then goes to Meemaw’s house.

Sheldon tries to help, but his quirky behavior makes the situation comically uncomfortable. He then arrives at Brenda Sparks’ house to ask for her help.

At lunch, Mary and Pastor Rob make small talk before Pastor Rob asks Mary for advice on whether or not he should relocate because he has received another job offer at a bigger congregation. Mary advises him to listen to his heart after giving it some thought.

Mandy attempts to contact the Coopers by calling them from the hospital, but she is unable to reach any of the elders. Sheldon, being his usual odd self, irritates Mandy by comparing her giving birth to a baby to him giving birth to an innovation (the database).

As soon as he receives the message, George Sr rushes to the hospital. He asks Brenda about George Jr. and Mary, and she tells him that Mary went out to lunch. Brenda initially suggests leaving, but George insists that she keep him company. They are having a flirtatious conversation when Mary walks in and notices the two of them acting strangely.

Pastor Rob also enters, which infuriates George Sr in the same way that George Sr being with Brenda enrages Mary. The four of them have an argument, which causes a scene in the hospital.

When Mandy’s water breaks, George Sr forgets to pick up Missy, and Brenda forgets to pick up Billy from school, amid the chaos. Billy then suggests that George Sr and his mother must be together in the chicken coop, which irritates Missy, who insists that they are not together.

As soon as George Jr returns home and receives word that Mandy is in labor, he rushes to the hospital. Meanwhile, Meemaw is in the hospital for hemorrhoids when she runs into Mandy. Mandy informs Meemaw about her situation after she inquires, and Meemaw appears overjoyed.

When Mandy’s parents arrive at the hospital, they discover Mary and George arguing. Mandy’s mother remarks on how they aren’t there for their daughter when she needs them and goes to see her.

Sheldon notices George Jr. sitting outside the hospital. When Sheldon inquires, George reveals that he is terrified of becoming a father. Sheldon convinces George to drive him to his database event, and George agrees because he is afraid to go in. When Sheldon starts ranting about how he would’ve regretted missing the event for the rest of his life, George Sr stops and turns the car around, heading back to the hospital with Sheldon, not wanting to miss the birth of his daughter.

The Coopers and Mandy’s parents are in Mandy’s hospital room, and the tension is at an all-time high. When George Jr enters the room, he immediately throws everyone out.

Shortly, George Jr enters the waiting room and informs everyone that his daughter has been born. He also tells them that they named their daughter Constance. Following that, everyone appears to be overjoyed.

Mary informs George Sr that she will spend the night at her mother’s house, and George tells her that he is fine with that. Meanwhile, Sheldon appears to be upset after learning from Dr. Sturgis that they did not receive a single subscriber and that his database is a complete failure, and he informs his parents of the same.

The Episode Review

The show finally addresses its main plotline in this episode. We observe that Mary and George Sr both learn about each other’s crushes, which strains their already troubled marriage. Now that the situation is out in the open, it’ll be interesting to see how the show develops it. According to what we’ve seen on The Big Bang Theory, if the narrative is maintained it’s going to be a messy situation that has an impact on the kids, especially Sheldon.

In this episode, Mandy gives birth to Constance, her and George’s daughter. It will be interesting to see whether or not their relationship develops after this critical point. It’ll be fascinating to see where the show goes with these two very interesting plot developments.

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