You Are My Spring – K-Drama Episode 14 Recap & Review


Episode 14 of You Are My Spring begins with Da-Jeong and Young-Do heading back to the apartment block. Young-Do wants to treat Da-Jeong like a princess, offering to carry her bag and being chivalrous. Well, the pair have trouble saying goodbye and eventually fall asleep while on the phone together.

The pair prepare for their date later on in the day and while Da-Jeong applies make-up and readies herself to go, Young-Do contemplates on his hairstyle and outfit. As Young-Do shows up, Da-Jeong is horrified by his appearance and implores her friend and colleague Yoo-Kyung to leave. It’s a hilarious segment, one that eventually sees her tell him to change back to how he was before.

While this is going on, Ga-Yeong and Ha-Neul happen to both be in attendance for a reality dating show. Both are looking pretty glum though, especially after what transpired earlier on at the coffee shop. Everything ends in heartbreak when Ga-Yeong tries to give him a rose and he rejects live on-air. Oh no!

Ga-Yeong runs into her ex that evening, meeting in secret up on the rooftop. Ga-Yeong is clearly insecure though and believes their love will run out. Sshe decides they should take a break for a week and not see each other.

Meanwhile, a lady called Mi-Kyeong suffers terribly with grief-stricken depression following the loss of her partner. Heading up to hospital she sees Young-Do who unfortunately rejects her.

That evening, when she heads home and despair rises up, Young-Do rings back to check on her. He just listens. He understands what she’s going through and learns that she’s been haunted by a ringing phone for a long time. It’s a beautiful segment, one that sees him dish out some good advice about living life and making the most of every moment.

After work, Young-Do and Da-Jeong meet for another date. Only, Young-Do admits that he’s been bragging about going out with Da-Jeong and revealed their relationship status to…practically everyone. Well it doesn’t stop them from going shopping, where they both share the trolley! So cute.

Anyway, things take a somewhat awkward turn when Young-Do admits that the dish he’s cooking her is the same one he cooked for his ex. Oof. Understandably, Da-Jeong is not happy.

Meanwhile, the detective case continues. With the journal in hand, the officers realize this is tied quite closely to the same incident back in 2001. It also seems like it’s directly linked to the two brothers too, with bad blood between them all.

This inevitably sees the police bringing Chase back in for questioning, asking where Jae-Sik is. The detectives believe he’s in collusion with Jae-Sik and that the killer is just an accomplice. Well, the writing is inconsistent and with Young-Do’s psychiatric background, he tries to help the detectives get to the bottom of this. There’s also the possibility that Jeong-Min may not actually be the earlier killer from 2001.

Da-Jeong clings to this, wondering just what the music box and the note about “finding” actually means. Flashbacks to the past reveal more highlights as Ian and Chae Jun discuss the trip across to America. The brothers did know each other and the scenes involving hiding under the Christmas tree are in direction connection with this too.

This is the crucial moment where Chae-Jun is determined to remain hidden and Ian heads off to America. Maybe it’s just me but it seems like we’re being led to believe the pair actually switched places during this chat.

Anyway, back in the present Da-Jeong eventually leaves and heads back to see Young-Do. With her wearing the doctor’s jacket, she plays the role well, teasing Young-Do before eventually opening up and being real.

She discusses the rooftop incident between them and encourages Young-Do to open up and reveal his true feelings. Well, it turns out when his brother died he was all alone.

Young-Do believed he was to blame and the only comfort was candy from his first love. All this pent-up emotion that Young-Do has been feeling comes tumbling out, confiding in Da-Jeong in the best way. It’s a really cathartic release, one that sees Young-Do relive the incident from this funeral again, but instead with a grown up Young-Do hugging his Mother.

On the back of this, Da-Jeong hands over some candy for him – symbolic of course given what Young-Do mentioned earlier. Anyway, he notices a yellow flower blossoming and smiles, planting the lollipop next to it. Also, if you’ll remember, this is symbolic to the past ties between the pair. Now Da-Jeong finally understands and looks shocked. As she looks up, Young-Do tells Da-Jeong that he loves her.

The Episode Review

Ah, what a wonderful episode! This cathartic release is just what the doctor ordered and chapter 14 is arguably the strongest of the bunch. Not only do we get more growth between Da-Jeong and Young-Do, we also understand more about the latter’s issues regarding the past.

Young-Do has been through a lot of traumatic experiences and all of this stems from his mother not showing the love and care she should have done when Young-Do’s brother passed away. It’s quite the reveal and the touching scenes near the end, with Young-Do hugging his Mother, is really nicely handled.

On top of that, we also see a bit more of the murder mystery too, but to be honest this does feel tacked on to the rest of the drama. I know it’ll probably tie into the many story but beyond the glimmers of the past, it’s just not that engaging compared to the romance.

Still, with two episodes to go it seems like we’ve got lots more drama to come.

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