You Are My Spring – K-Drama Episode 13 Recap & Review

The Healing

Episode 13 of You Are My Spring begins right off the back off Da-Jeong and Young-Do’s break-up. Da-Jeong’s Mum heads over to her house, sleeping in the same bed and discussing love. She tells Da-Jeong that she needs to live for something bigger than herself, and in this case loving other people.

In the morning, Mi-Ran meets with Young-Do for coffee. She clarifies what she meant in Gangneung, claiming she was ignorant and didn’t know he was ill. She also goes on to mention how upset Da-Jeong was on the back of their break-up.

Well, after their catch-up we see more context regarding Mi-Ran’s meeting with the shaman, including word that Young-Do doesn’t have long to live.

Back at the apartment block, Cheol-Do’s Father shows up to check on the residents. He owns the apartment block and he gathers everyone to talk. However, given Da-Jeong and Young-Do are both there, Da-Jeong feels like this is a minefield of sorts and hurries off as soon as she can.

Meanwhile, the police manage to get a warrant for their mystery man’s house. Hidden in an attic compartment are drugs and numerous letters and notes. These all talk about justice and various different killings. “Anyone in my position would have done the same thing” is the final ominous and chilling statement the scene hangs on.

Further revelations from the hotel room are confirmed through CCTV footage, which Ian Chase watches. There, he learns Jae-Sik taunted Jeong-Min to kill himself or he’d kill Da-Jeong. The Vice-chairman then rings, imploring him to cross the line just once in regards to his upcoming surgery.

At work the next day, Da-Jeong and Young-Do find themselves face to face outside the hotel. Da-Jeong is no stranger to what break-ups mean and in this case she decides they shouldn’t see each other anymore – not even as friends, The pain is just too raw for her. And just like that, she walks away.

When she does, Da-Jeong rings Ga-Yeong and confirms what’s happened. She’s not happy and immediately heads over to Young-Do’s place, giving him a piece of her mind.

After, she heads off to see Da-Jeong, where the girls reflect on Young-Do’s actions and leaving. While getting dropped home by Eun-Ha, Da-Jeong decides to walk alone. When she does, she watches the video from Young-Do claiming he was only mean to Da-Jeong as he wanted to be more than friends with her.

Upon hearing this, she rings Young-Do and asks him to see her. At a sidewalk they finally lock eyes with one another but this time instead of running, Young-Do crosses the road and the pair hold hands, kissing under the moonlit streetlights.

The Episode Review

You Are My Spring returns this week with another episode that tackles Young-Do and Da-Jeong’s breakup before flinging them back together by the end. Seeing the pair going through the motions this episode is typical K-drama territory and it seems like the pair are back on good terms again.

The murder mystery elements are really quite mediocre though, to say the least, and there’s a part of me that’s actually quite disappointed by the way this has played out. There’s no big twist or revelation, it’s literally just Jae-Sik as the killer.

Either way though, the romance is pretty good and the show has a great ebb and flow to the way this plays out. In the end, the show concludes with a promising sign of things to come for the final few episodes of this series.

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